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1st July 2020 USMCA Falling Apart Before It Gets Going

USMCA Falling Apart Before It Gets Going

Mexico is still in middle of coronavirus exponential growth phase. Its authenticity of figures may be less trustworthy but there is no doubt that deaths will remain high for foreseeable future.

American coronavirus epidemic was already the worst in world but could actually be deteriorating further. Many states in the south and west of the country are experiencing surge in infections.

Canada may have put a lid on its virus epidemic but in terms of deaths per population it has had its own struggles.

All 3 countries are experiencing additional problems of the lack of demand for products due to global and domestic economic slowdown. These additional economic tensions in the middle of a pandemic may bust open the USMCA before it gets started.

Political changes due to coronavirus pandemic may well get in way of mutual economic benefits of new USMCA.

New InfectionsTotal InfectionsDeathsDeaths Per Million Pop
Current coronavirus record as at end of June 2020 Source:

17th June 2020 Worst Coronavirus Infected Americas Countries

CountryNumber Of InfectionsNumber Of DeathsDeaths Per Million Pop
Official figures maybe under reported for different reasons but are as provided at 17th June 2020 Source:

The current figures in some cases compare favourably with European Union countries however in many cases the figures are worsening as days go by rather than reducing.

10th May 2020 Ecuador Sees Big Jump In Deaths From Coronavirus

Ecuador deaths rise by 410 to 2127. Infections rise by 488 to 29559.

Brazil is on course for tens of thousands perhaps hundreds of thousands of more deaths. America already has more than 80000 deaths and Brazil will suffer many more than America. Officially Brazil has only reported 11123 deaths from the virus so far but this has more than doubled in less than two weeks. 162699 infections officially reported in Brazil which is more than doubled in less than two weeks.

Doubling infections and deaths in a short period is a feature of exponential virus growth. It is likely that the number of infections in Brazil will be doubling every 2 or 3 days. Deaths will similarly double but there is around a month between infection and death if you are to die.

28th April 2020 Brazil and Ecuador Coronavirus Spread Gives Great Cause For Concern

Compare to many countries including USA neither country has had horrific experience from pandemic so far. However both countries are showing worrying stats that suggest they will suffer horrifically in future.

  • Brazil deaths from coronavirus rise by 520 in 24 hours to 5063. The number of infections rose by 6398 to 72899.
  • Ecuador deaths from coronavirus rise by 208 to 871. The number of infections rose by 1018 to 24258.

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