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Do you know what is threatening your business or stopping it seizing new business opportunities? Discover how to protect and grow your business faster. Focus your business resources on areas to reap biggest rewards.

Join like minded senior managers executives and risk management practitioners. Understand enter risk management and apply principles and practices to your business. Boost performance reduce uncertainty and save time.

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What Is Enterprise Risk Awareness

It is the knowledge of potential key events that threaten or promote business goals and objectives. Risk has upside and downside. Threats and opportunities. The management of enterprise risk should be aligned with the risk appetite and risk tolerance of the enterprise.

Management of risk should be proportionate to the ability to cope with risk if an enterprise is to survive and prosper for the long term


What you get out of enterprise risk management must exceed what you have to put into it to make it work well. You can not dabble with ERM. Your enterprise as a whole has to fully commit to the principles framework and process if you are to receive a net benefit.

Enterprise benefits must be clear at outset measurable and sustainable to be worthy. Your whole team need to be educated informed and trained as to the benefits for them and the enterprise to obtain their support to embed ERM properly in a way that works well.

All types and all sizes of organisations in all parts of the world need to understand the risks being taken when trying to achieve organisation objectives and garner the desired level of reward for your risk taking level.

Enterprise leaders need to understand the overall level of risk or holistic level of risk within your enterprise activities.

  • To achieve more with less uncertainty you need to identify what is critical for your success and
  • prioritise the use of your existing resources on the risk management controls that will mitigate threats to your enterprise objectives and maximise opportunities for your enterprise.
  • Evaluate your existing risk management controls to identify what is fragile that could threaten your business or fail to secure the expected rewards from enterprise opportunities.

When trying to improve your enterprise performance with enterprise risk management principles framework and process clearly identify at the outset exactly what you want to achieve from your investment of time and money in enterprise risk management ERM.

The benefits of enterprise risk management include

  1. Improved enterprise decision making
  2. Improved performance
  3. Improved governance and compliance

Start to develop a new enterprise strategy for increased success with enterprise risk awareness training.

Do you have an enterprise risk aware culture?


What are you doing to enhance the level of risk management maturity and capability of your enterprise?

Importance Of Enterprise Risk Awareness

Improving risk awareness in your enterprise will engage employees in the importance of risk management to help people in your organisation perform better to achieve what they want for themselves and for your enterprise.

Successfully embedding and integrating enterprise risk management ERM into your enterprise decision making processes can affect the likelihood and consequences of risk and reward.

  • Better inform your strategic operational and project decisions
  • Change your enterprise to secure more success
  • Improve your enterprise efficiency
  • Develop your competitive advantage
  • Improve your brand
  • Increase your presence in your marketplace

Our enterprise risk awareness training will help guide your enterprise towards a brighter future and help you implement enterprise risk management principles framework and risk management process.

Risk Awareness Culture

How can you raise risk awareness in your enterprise? What is your strategy to promote a more positive risk aware culture?

  • Use risk awareness risk management workshops to sow the seed of future business performance enhancement.
  • Use risk awareness training to promote the importance of enterprise risk management ERM principles practices processes to the goals and objectives of the business
  • Use risk awareness training to deliver the theory and the practical benefits of enterprise risk management

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Enterprise Risk Management ERM Awareness Training
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Enterprise Risk Awareness Training BusinessRiskTV

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Enterprise Risk Awareness Training BusinessRiskTV

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