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News opinions analysis reviews and activism with local and global people. Sixth generation movement to power 4th industrial revolution faster cheaper better. Connecting the world to achieve more with less.

6G Today Tomorrow and Everyday Thereafter

How do we improve on yesterday so that today and tomorrow is better and more cost effective. What is it that we have that is good?

  • What could be better?
  • Why is it not working now?
  • How are we going to change things?
  • When will we achieve enough is good enough?
  • Where do we need to act?
  • Who can help us move forward?

Striving for perfection is not our goal. Do not let perfection be the enemy of the good enough. Focus on making realistic changes for the better happen. Dreaming of a better world tomorrow does not make the real world good enough today.

Practical action to progressively improve the world we live in

Most people in 3rd world countries are not interested in woke words. They simply want to live better tomorrow than they did today. Most peoples 1st world problems could be alleviated with a holistic approach to good business management and lifestyle choices.

4th Industrial Revolution Latest News Commentary and Risk Review
Fourth Industrial Revolution Latest News Commentary and Risk Review

Aspiration to live better wherever you live in the world can be fulfilled by solving all our problems together at once not by a piecemeal approach. Good words do not put food on the table or a roof over your head. Sodding your neighbour does not protect you from destroying everything you have built around you.

People can work together for common good

We do not need to be in the same country culture or place to work as a team to achieve what we want for ourselves. Getting what you want can help others to get what they want out of the investment of time.

Putting up trade barriers does not work for the builder of walls. Forcing people to be in your gang does not make progression towards goals fast enough. Seeing the mutual benefit at the end for all people on the bus does.

Our holistic approach to making decisions for the common good will be successful for all who lend support

If you put your shoulder to the wheel you can reap the rewards from the effort.

We are not looking for constant companions but do seek constant progress. Moving it forward a little everyday is better than big leaps now and again. We do not need to be beside you for every step but would like to be with you at the end of the journey. We can achieve more together than on our own.


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Ecological Ethical Environmental Economic Educational Everyday With BusinessRiskTV

UK economic regeneration and business growth

UK business growth and development with

The UK economy performed relatively well compared to most of Europe. The UK economy has been a job creation machine with record low unemployment levels over recent months. However UK productivity has been poor. UK business leaders need to find new innovative ways to do more business in the UK.

Innovative Business Ideas
Find Out More About Business Innovation Opportunities and Ideas for Business Click Here

Reinvigorate local town and regional economies is the key for UK plc economic growth as a whole. BusinessRiskTV supports business start ups and SMEs seeking to grow faster with less uncertainty.

Whilst the London economy is the biggest net contributor to UK government receipts and UK economy as a whole the UK economy can grow faster if all parts of the economy receive equal investment. Recent years has shown that London has received a disproportionate level of investment per head of population. If the distribution of investment was more equitable per head of population then the UK pie as a whole will grow faster.

BusinessRiskTV promotes economic growth and regeneration across the UK. We will review efforts to stimulate economic development in the UK. In addition we can help your business with its business development and growth strategy.

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UK economic regeneration and business growth

Read business development articles and watch videstream trending on BusinessRiskTV

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BusinessRiskTV UK economic regeneration and business growth

Now is the time for UK to invest in its future

Why now could be the perfect time to invest in the UK with

Both the public sector and the private sector in the UK need to invest in its future. All of the UKs political partys promised massive investment in the UK. If the Conservative Party misses this opportunity to boost UK economic growth then it will not be forgiven for decades.

Business Leader Discussion Forum UK

The UK General Election result means that the UK

The UK has a skills gap crisis. Not enough people have the skills needed to grow the UK economy needs. The UK government and private sector needs to massively invest in retraining its workforce.

Now is the perfect time to invest in the UK. We are entering the 4th industrial revolution. The UK political uncertainty has been removed or at least greatly reduced. Not everyone will agree with the political direction but at least we now know the UK has political direction. UK plc needs to decide how it is going to prepare itself for the future.

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Now is the time for UK to invest in its future

Read business management articles and watch videostream trending on BusinessRiskTV

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BusinessRiskTV Now is the time for UK to invest in its future

Invest in British businesses

Business investors UK connecting with British businesses on

Many major retailers in UK are supporting British businesses with a commitment to sell just British products. Here we also commit to products and produce made or grown in UK. Find out more about ways to invest in or promote British products or produce.

Invest in British products and produce


Connecting British business leaders with UK investors online. Connecting buyers with UK sellers online.

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Online Networking Business
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BusinessRiskTV Invest in British businesses

UK Economic Future

UK economic outlook with

UK economic forecast next 5 years. Global business and economy experts opinions analysis and review of best guess for UK economy. Network with top business leaders and risk management professionals to help you make better more informed business decisions.

Businesses in the UK will grow over the next 5 years. Will your business be one of them. Not all businesses in UK will grow. The UK business leaders which take the right decisions to protect and grow their business will grow their business regardless of the UK economic future.

Currently despite what some politicians and commentators are saying the UK economy continues to grow. Year on year the UK economy is growing at just over 1 percent. Not setting the heather on fire but still growing!

Even if the UK economy was contracting your business can build resilience and grow.

The last governor of the Bank of England says the UK economic future is a rosy one. The current governor of the Bank of England thinks the UK will not fall into recession in 2019.

What of the future? Economic growth not contraction. The fundamentals of the UK economy are strong. Can your business exploit the opportunities for growth that are ahead?

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UK Economic Future

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What You Need To Know About UK Business and Economy Today

UK Mystery Shopper Services

UK Online Trade Show

UK Business Magazine

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Find ways to grow your business faster more resiliently and with less uncertainty

Our innovative approach to business growth will help your business grow faster regardless of the UK economic outlook. Some businesses always grow and there is no reason it could not be your business.

Sure there is uncertainty about the UKs economic future. When has there been certainty? The key is to find ways to grow whatever the economic future or at least protect your business so it is resilient and survives.

There are undeniable challenges ahead for UK business leaders. Identify them assess their impact on your business and set a risk management plan and strategy for business resilience.

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BusinessRiskTV UK Economic Future

UK Online What You Need To Know About Business Risks In UK

What are the top risks for UK businesses with BusinessRiskTV

Get the latest business and economy news for free. Connect and collaborate in business. Grow your business with less uncertainty. Find the answer to your business questions quicker.

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Covid19 UK Latest News and Risk Management
Covid19 UK Latest News and Risk Management.

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Recommended UK business and economy articles and videos

What are business and economy bloggers saying today? What do you need to know today? Get help to manage your business better. Improve business performance.

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Pick up tips advice and support to make better business decisions. Network with business leaders to overcome barriers to business quicker and cheaper. Do not reinvent the wheel!

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UK Online What You Need To Know About Business Risks In UK

Fourth Industrial Revolution

Make your your business benefits from the 4th Industrial Revolution with

Exploring the threats and opportunities coming from the 4th Industrial Revolution. Network with top thought leaders to find out how to protect and grow your business faster.

4th Industrial Revolution Latest News Commentary and Risk Review

How is the fourth industrial revolution going to impact on your business? How will new technology change your marketplace? Take advantage of the digital revolution sweeping the world.

4th Industrial Revolution Latest News Commentary and Risk Review
Fourth Industrial Revolution Latest News Commentary and Risk Review

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The 4th industrial revolution is already disrupting all economies and industries. Find out how to transform and augment your business practices. Realise the enormous potential for business growth. Free Subscription Online
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BusinessRiskTV 4th Industrial Revolution

Your Business Forecast To Grow Faster Than The CBI Thinks

UK business forecasts and reports from

CBI does not speak for all UK business leaders.

Confederation of British Industry CBI Is Politically Motivated and Industry Biased Reports

Absolutely no one can state with absolute certainty what the impact of Brexit will be on UK economy. Most of the articles on the impact of Brexit are politically biased Leave or Remain as there is still a fight for the result of the real Brexit vote.

Many reports including the ones from the CBI are also industry biased. The industry most likely though not guaranteed to suffer if and when the UK leaves the European Union EU will be the financial services industry. This particular industry could actually also be the main industry benefactor from Brexit too but a lot will depend on the end deal with the EU.

Most business leaders in the UK can not control Brexit but they can control the impact of Brexit on their own business

Do not let the CBI the media or your mother dictate how you react to Brexit should it eventually happen. Deal with what you know for certain. The value of the UK pound has fallen against a basket of foreign currencies because the financial markets do not like uncertainty and it is highly uncertain if there will be a Brexit, and if it happens what kind of Brexit it will be. The UK certainly has a massive opportunity right now, never mind March 2019 or later to sell more overseas.

UK business leaders need to lay the foundations for a better future whether Brexit happens or not

Seize the day! The devaluation of the UK pound will remain as it is or devalue further over the next few years unless Brexit is stopped. This devaluation negates most of the trade tariffs that could be imposed by EU or are imposed by other non EU countries already.

Don’t wait for tariff free agreements from wherever they might come. Tariff free agreements could become the cherry on top of the cake for UK international traders. Tariff free agreements could also boost the value of the pound and there will be no net benefit from the signing of tariff free agreement in terms of the cost of your products or services to overseas buyers from your business in UK.

UK business leaders will look back on this period of UK economic history and think they missed a massive business opportunity to sell more overseas

This is the time to sell more overseas not when free trade agreements have been signed if they ever get signed.

Economic uncertainty has brought a massive opportunity as well as threat to UK businesses. Many UK business manufacturers have already exploited this perceived UK economy weakness to export more. If you want to concentrate your focus on the UK domestic market alone, then we wish you well.

If you want to explore ways to sell more and export more from the UK then click here – and enter code UK EXPORTER when you complete form. Alternatively, complete the form below and enter same code.

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Global Economy Risk Analysis and Review

Global growth and contraction news analysis and review with BusinessTiskTV

Inform your business decision making. Read and watch risk intelligence and analysis. Discover the best and worst of the global economy. Get the latest global economy news headlines opinions and reviews. Save money and time with BusinessRiskTV.

What do you fear this year

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Top Business News Today
Top Business News Today

Join the global risk experts forum online

Global Business Development With
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World Economic News Headlines

Read global economy articles and watch video updates on global economic news headlines business risk analysis business leader debate and discussion. Entrepreneurs executives and business leaders take part in our strategic growth business forum online events from you phone pc or mobile device.

Inform your business decision making from expert panel and member discussions and sign up for innovative business development online workshops from anywhere in the world where business innovators operate.

Global Economy News Analysis Review Live Online

Current global economy news articles and video content. Stress test the global economy with latest forecasts reports and global economic analysis.

25th June 2020 International Monetary Fund IMF Says Global Economy To Shrink Nearly 5 Percent In 2020

The IMF is now predicting a deeper global recession caused by the coronavirus pandemic. Even if the spread of the virus reduces which it is not consumers will be too frightened to spend at the same level as prepandemic. This will hit the the global economy hard.

8th June 2020 World Bank Forecasting COVID-19 Pandemic To Shrink Global GDP By 5.2 Percent In 2020

The forecast if it is right will be worst global economic contraction since World War II. The World Bank is forecasting global economic growth of 4.2 percent in 2021.

26th May 2020 The Second Wave Is Often The Biggest Killer

Going back centuries we can see that it is often the second wave of infections that kill more people than the first hit of the pandemic. While some countries are getting to grips with the Covid19 pandemic others have yet to feel the full force of the new deadly virus.

The game changer will be a vaccine but without that most countries will experience second third or more waves of Covid19. How big these waves impact will depend on learning the lessons from the first wave and not repeating the same or similar mistakes.

A large second wave of the virus with run away exponential spreading that forces reinforcement of social and economic lockdown would be catastrophic. The reproduction rate in countries where the virus is under control must be kept below 1. Countries which do not have the virus under control need to be quarantined to prevent them spreading the virus back into controlled country environments.

Even without a second wave of deaths the first wave tsunami economic wave may hurt localised areas whole continents and the world:

  • Some countries will not be able to pay their debts built up prior to pandemic or during the pandemic.
  • The eurozone and wider European union could implode from within. Alternatively some weaker countries may be forced to leave for the sake of survival of the rest as a homogeneous economic unit.
  • Systemic banking collapse could yet occur. Italian Indian and Chinese banks are particularly weak. However unknown weaknesses in other national banking systems could be the first domino to fall.
  • Corporate entities soaked in debt may have to close creating bad debt others may struggle to cope with.
  • Commercial and private valuations will in the short term be overpriced. Investments which have such assets are also overpriced. If there is not a V-shaped recovery in the economy then in the medium term this could create an unstable finance sector that could be a lot more damaging than lost revenue for a few months.
  • The political fundamentals could change when people react to the dawning that not only have thousands of people died but their financial futures are ruined for decades or perhaps lifetimes. Russia Brazil and India could presently be smoldering in embers of political change which could affect oil prices and the global economy.

Most of all debt was a problem for many countries prior to pandemic. With the pandemic debt has been posted as the saviour. It could become a bigger killer than the virus.

14th April 2020 International Monetary Fund IMF Reports The Global Economy Shrinking 3 Percent Due To The Coronavirus Pandemic

The IMF had forecast a growth of 3.5 percent for the the global economy pre pandemic. This means the IMF is forecasting a 6.5 percent swing from growth to global recession.

The financial crisis in 2009 only saw a global recession of 0.1 percent. This economic and financial crisis is 30 times worse than 2009 financial crisis. Next year the IMF expects a massive bounce back to global economic growth. Not all businesses will survive to see it.

23rd March 2020 Global Recession Due To Coronavirus COVID19 Pandemic Is Guaranteed

The only uncertainty is whether the global economy will deteriorate so much that a long term global economic depression happens.

20th January 2020 International Monetary Fund IMF Cuts Global Growth Forecasts 2020 and 2021

The IMF is now forecasting global growth of 3.3 percent in 2020 and 3.4 percent in 2021. Risks to the global economy include:

  • High levels of inequality within countries and between countries
  • The rapid development of 4th industrial revolution technology threatening unemployment rises
  • High geopolitical risks and trade wars
  • Financial meltdown due to very high levels of debt

The IMF can see signs that some risks are stabilising but still significant threat to global growth.

9th January 2020 Now The Iran USA Immediate Threat Of War Is Dissipating The Global Economic Threat Returns To International Trade Wars

The signs are that both USA and Iran can agree to disagree again within killing thousands of people. The biggest threat to the global economy is the trade wars around the world particularly USA China trade war. Even this threat appears to be unwinding in its severity especially if they can do a partial deal soon.

If America and China can do a trade deal sign it and implement it the global economy can expand aggressively. It will be like the cork in a bottle of champagne.


Until then and in addition to such a trade deal governments around the world need to invest heavily in infrastructure to support the global economy and prepare for rapid expansion 2021 onwards.

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BusinessRiskTV World Economy Journal

Taking a look at global economy data. Undertaking business risk analysis. World economy and business research and development reports and analysis.  

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Global Economy Risk Analysis and Review