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What are the biggest threats in the social housing sector? What are the opportunities to develop and improve the social housing sector? Network with key social housing sector thought leaders.

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Latest developments in social housing in UK. Network with other people working in social housing sector in UK. Learn new ways to manage social housing risks in UK.

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5th June 2018 Learn The Lessons Of Grenfell Tower Fire Disaster

The Grenfell Tower Inquiry has begun. It is looking at how the fire started and why it spread so fast. Do not wait until the inquiry is finished before you learn the lessons of Grenfell Tower fire.

21st December 2016 Your Housing Group Building House Building Factories

In a joint venture Your Housing Group will build 6 factories to produce 25,000 prefabricated houses per annum. Your Housing Group is investing with China National Building Materials Group Corp and renewable energy specialist Welink. The modular construction model is set to transform home building in the UK, which needs it given the housing shortage crisis that has developed over many previous UK government’s tenures. Whilst not new it is very unusual to build homes in a factory instead of on the construction site.

The first factory will be built in Liverpool in 2017. The last one should be finished in 2022.

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