Where is the automotive industry going

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New Automotive Industry Entrants and Cross Sector Collaboration Will Bring New Threats and Opportunities

Where is the automotive industry going
The blurring of lines between old world car manufacturers and hi-tech new world manufacturers continues in world of 4IR

22nd July 2020 Fiat Chrysler will develop fully self driving commercial vehicles with Waymo

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles FCA News Report July 2020
Fiat Chrysler Automobiles FCA News Report July 2020

2nd July 2020 Tesla is now worlds most valuable carmaker overtaking Toyota

Whilst Toyota made 30 times more cars in 2019 Tesla share price now has made Tesla a more valuable carmaker

Tesla has now demonstrated several quarters of profitable business growth. The future is electric and Tesla offers more future value than any other manufacturer who makes electric cars.

26th June 2020 Amazon Robot Delivery plus Amazon Autonomous Self Driving Vehicles To Buy In Showroom?

Amazon is one of the most successful businesses at developing innovative business growth strategy. Last year Amazon invested half a billion dollars in self driving car startup Aurora Innovation Inc. This year it looks like Amazon is continuing its investment in the car sector.

Amazon Robot Delivery

Amazon has bought robotics and autonomous vehicle company Zoox. Are they just beefing up their knowledge and business intelligence for robotic self delivery or would you buy an Amazon self driving autonomous car from a showroom instead of a Tesla. Amazons purchase of Zoox is in the region of 3 billion dollars.

31st October 2019 PSA Group the owner of Peugeot and Fiat Chrysler Agree 50 Billion Dollar Merger

The merger will create the fourth largest automotive manufacturer in the world. The merger is needed strategically due to the significant investment required by both firms to keep up with the competition. Both firms need to invest heavily in electric cars and driverless technology to be ready now never mind the future sustainability.

28th August 2019 Toyota and Suzuki Collaborating On Self Driving Car Technology

Toyota and Suzuki announce they are working together on self driving car technology.

Toyota will take a 4.9 percent share of Suzuki Motor Corp and Suzuki will invest in Toyota


22nd August 2019 Audi Daimler Ford and BMW Developing Alliance To Build Advanced Driving Assistance and Autonomous Systems According German Wirtschaftswoche Article.

The automotive manufacturers are collaborating on autonomous driving and parking systems.

The 4th industrial revolution is about to turn the automotive industry upside down  rip up traditional business models and will come out the other side better and stronger but very different.

Many new features in cars and other vehicles that took a decade to normalise across the industry will need to be incorporated in a few short years. The automotive industry as always evolved but a revolution is under way.

  • Those who don’t keep up will be squashed to death!
  • Those that get on the bus will see a very different road ahead.
  • Those that resist change will cease to exist, and those that embrace change may or may not benefit from the changes

The pace of change within components that do or could go into vehicles is fast but the pace in which the automotive industry is changing is breath-taking, and its accelerating!

The world’s auto industry will have more customers demands to meet, but what are they going to deliver and when? Automated vehicles powered by renewable energy is nothing new. How quickly can society keep up with what is possible on the roads? Will automotive industry take to the skies!   Will we get into autonomous vehicles AV and literally fly to work whilst playing computer games! Will the automobile get swallowed up whole by Google Apple and Sony?

The greatest challenge for the car industry is very similar to the greatest challenge for all gadgets gizmos plant machinery and equipment particularly those presently powered by carbon based power sources. Its battery technology that needs to change.

Tesla is leading the way not in cars but in batteries. Tesla batteries are being used to store power from the National Grid in the UK and then being fed back into the UK national electricity network when needed.

Decarbonisation is one factor driving the need to boost battery power for longer on remote items of plant and equipment like cars. However battery technology is key for all parts of global society for different reasons. In less well developed economies battery technology improvement will create new markets domestically and international trade development. In well developed economies like UK battery technology improvements will totally change what we manufacture and how we manufacture it.

Dyson cars will lock horns with Tesla cars but both will invest more in batteries than car design.

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3rd October 2018 GM and Honda New Project

General Motors and Honda have announced a partnership to develop and build an autonomous multi use vehicle together.

13th June 2018 VW Fined 1 Billion Euros By German Prosecutors

Volkswagen has been fined by German prosecutors for diesel emissions scandal. VW has already been fined by other countries for cheating the tests for diesel emissions. VW has agreed to pay more than 4 billion dollars to resolve criminal and civil penalties for installing illegal software in diesel engines to cheat USA anti pollution tests.

15th March 2018 Auto Parts Maker New Strategic Direction

Automotive parts supplier Magna International Inc will invest $200 million in ride-hailing firm Lyft. Their new partnership will develop and manufacture self driving cars.

20th February 2018 Ford Aims To Set Up German Bank To Offset Any Brexit Risk

Ford wants to set up a bank in Germany in late 2018 and has applied for a banking licence as part of Ford’s strategy to mitigate any risk from Britain leaving the European Union after the Brexit vote in June 2016.

Ford Credit Europe will remain headquartered in Britain and the new bank plans will not result in job losses or significant changes to where employees are based.

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