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Why do manufacturers not sell directly to consumers? Well actually British manufacturers are forecast to sell 13 billion pounds worth of goods direct to consumers by 2025. UK manufacturers are moving away from selling to wholesalers and retailers and going direct to consumers according to Barclays Bank.

Nearly three out of four UK manufacturers now sell direct to consumers

Barclays Bank

Manufacturers in the UK and rest of the world can use BusinessRiskTV to sell more direct to consumers. Get on or expand the direct to consumer trend. BusinessRiskTV social media and digital marketing service can put your manufactured products in front of potential buyers cost effectively. You deliver from your factory direct to consumer with your preferred consumer logistics and stay in control of the sale and distribution process. If there is any after care required you give it direct to consumer too.

Manufacturers can deliver a better quicker cheaper service to the consumer than wholesalers or retailers


Manufacturers can reap the reward of cutting out the businesses in the middle that require a share of your profit. Boost your output turnover and profit. At the same time you can make your products more attractive to consumers by reducing the end user price paid for your products.

Manufacturers need to seize the moment. Sell more and sell directly to consumers with help from BusinessRiskTV. We can help you get started or provide an additional online sales marketplace to sell more online direct to consumer.

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Find out how your manufacturing business can sell more by selling directly to the consumer

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BusinessRiskTV Help for manufacturers selling direct to consumers to sell more

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