No Such Thing As Bad Economic Environment Just Bad Business Planning

What can a business do to survive an economic crisis

Strategic Risk Management

Many business leaders claim external risk factors are the cause of poor business performance. They then claim full credit when the business has performed well!

Brexit uncertainty has been the perfect cover for poorly performing business leaders. No doubt their expert hand on the tiller will be responsible for improved performance after Brexit uncertainty has been removed one way or another.

The best example of excusers are retail business leaders. Worst of all is the British Retail Consortium BRC that frequently and consistently over the last 3 years have winged how difficult their members are finding the marketplace. The cause? All down to Brexit uncertainty as if it has just been sprung on retail business leaders!

The actual cause of losses shop closures and job losses has been that some retail businesses have incredibly bad business leaders who have lacked innovation and creativity. Some retail business leaders have stuck by what has worked for them in the past when in fact they needed to take action to prepare their business for a global economic slowdown and Brexit uncertainty.

Not all retail business leaders fall into this incompetent business leader camp. Many inspired and creative retail business leaders have prepared their business to changing economic environment and have or are starting to reap the rewards of being excellent business leaders.

If your CLICK here you will find some more business retail business leaders who know their onions. One company I have not heard being proclaimed as master of the High Street is Iceland. Take a walk along their food retail isle and you will soon discover that the Iceland management team have polished a turd and created a wonderful new retail business experience. Quality food is presented in great shops and offer fantastic value for money. Move over Lidl and Aldi as iceland are beating you at your own game.

What does ASDA and Sainsburys try to do? They go for a stock market solution. After trying to merge to destroy shareholder value and boost senior management team personal earnings before they retire then resort to price cuts. How innovative!

Best Retail Business Leaders To Watch – Iceland Management Team

My tip for the future is not because I am rewarded by Iceland. It is because I buy their products every week and so should you if you like quality food and great prices provided by impressive food retailers.

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What strategies can a company use in an economic downturn?

There is no doubt that the global economy is slowing in activity. No business leader can change the economic environment. Business leaders can however change how they manage the risks coming out of an economic slowdown.

Check in with BusinessRiskTV to find out what your peers are doing and what risk management experts recommend you do.

Bad situations can often be the spark and drive for better business management. Starting and growing a business in a bad economic climate can be the best situation to be in. Be prepared and do not listen to the naysayers in life and business!

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Identify the next steps for a better future regardless of the economic environment. Update your business plan and risk management strategy.

A bad economy could be the best thing for your business. Fewer competitors and more business opportunities for growth. Do not procrastinate. the perfect moment to make changes or start a business will never come until it is too late to take advantage of the opportunity. There is no such thing as a no risk business. Manage the risks to maximise performance with available business resources.

Great businesses can start and grow in any economy

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No Such Thing As Bad Economic Environment Just Bad Business Plan

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BusinessRiskTV No Such Thing As Bad Economic Environment Just Bad Business Planning

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