UK economic regeneration and business growth

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The UK economy performed relatively well compared to most of Europe. The UK economy has been a job creation machine with record low unemployment levels over recent months. However UK productivity has been poor. UK business leaders need to find new innovative ways to do more business in the UK.

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Reinvigorate local town and regional economies is the key for UK plc economic growth as a whole. BusinessRiskTV supports business start ups and SMEs seeking to grow faster with less uncertainty.

Whilst the London economy is the biggest net contributor to UK government receipts and UK economy as a whole the UK economy can grow faster if all parts of the economy receive equal investment. Recent years has shown that London has received a disproportionate level of investment per head of population. If the distribution of investment was more equitable per head of population then the UK pie as a whole will grow faster.

BusinessRiskTV promotes economic growth and regeneration across the UK. We will review efforts to stimulate economic development in the UK. In addition we can help your business with its business development and growth strategy.

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UK economic regeneration and business growth

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BusinessRiskTV UK economic regeneration and business growth

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