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News opinions analysis reviews and activism with local and global people. Sixth generation movement to power 4th industrial revolution faster cheaper better. Connecting the world to achieve more with less.

6G Today Tomorrow and Everyday Thereafter

How do we improve on yesterday so that today and tomorrow is better and more cost effective. What is it that we have that is good?

  • What could be better?
  • Why is it not working now?
  • How are we going to change things?
  • When will we achieve enough is good enough?
  • Where do we need to act?
  • Who can help us move forward?

Striving for perfection is not our goal. Do not let perfection be the enemy of the good enough. Focus on making realistic changes for the better happen. Dreaming of a better world tomorrow does not make the real world good enough today.

Practical action to progressively improve the world we live in

Most people in 3rd world countries are not interested in woke words. They simply want to live better tomorrow than they did today. Most peoples 1st world problems could be alleviated with a holistic approach to good business management and lifestyle choices.

4th Industrial Revolution Latest News Commentary and Risk Review
Fourth Industrial Revolution Latest News Commentary and Risk Review

Aspiration to live better wherever you live in the world can be fulfilled by solving all our problems together at once not by a piecemeal approach. Good words do not put food on the table or a roof over your head. Sodding your neighbour does not protect you from destroying everything you have built around you.

People can work together for common good

We do not need to be in the same country culture or place to work as a team to achieve what we want for ourselves. Getting what you want can help others to get what they want out of the investment of time.

Putting up trade barriers does not work for the builder of walls. Forcing people to be in your gang does not make progression towards goals fast enough. Seeing the mutual benefit at the end for all people on the bus does.

Our holistic approach to making decisions for the common good will be successful for all who lend support

If you put your shoulder to the wheel you can reap the rewards from the effort.

We are not looking for constant companions but do seek constant progress. Moving it forward a little everyday is better than big leaps now and again. We do not need to be beside you for every step but would like to be with you at the end of the journey. We can achieve more together than on our own.


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UK Business and Economy News and Risk Analysis Report August 2020
UK Business and Economy News and Risk Analysis Report August 2020
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Fossil fuel businesses need encouragement on environmental protection innovation not blocking

Why do we use fossil fuels instead of renewable energy

Around half of UK parliaments MPs or lawmakers have asked the trustees of UK parliament pension fund to sell all its shares in oil and gas companies. The Divest Parliament Pledge is purpose is to protect the environment. However companies like BP are also at the cutting edge of innovative new ways to create power. Encouraging fossil fuel businesses to innovate for the future is more important than showcasing MPs environmental protection credentials for the sake of a few more votes.

ESG Articles
Responsible Investing with Environmental Social Governance ESG Risk Analysis

The demand to ditch fossil fuels came in the Divest Parliament Pledge has been signed by around half of the MPs in UK parliament including Liberal Democrat leader Jo Swinson in a Scottish constituency and the Scottish National Partys SNPs Westminster leader Ian Blackford. Given that the Scottish economy is still making alot of money out of oil and gas in the North Sea this seems particularly short sighted and counterproductive and perhaps two faced!

The UK Parliamentary Pension Funds single biggest holding is 11.6 million pounds worth of shares in BP. It also owns 10.9 million pounds worth of shares in Royal Dutch Shell.

Caroline Lucas, Green MP for Brighton Pavilion, said: “The climate emergency requires that we keep fossil fuels in the ground.

Obviously the oil and gas industry is polluting the atmosphere. However UK industry could not compete or survive if business leaders banned the use of fossil fuels. If we use fossil fuels then it is hypocritical to say we will not invest in oil and gas industries.

The oil and gas industry leaders are themselves moving their investments into low polluting or non polluting alternatives to creating energy and power to drive business and household use. They are acting on climate change for their own good and the good of society.

In addition the UK heavily taxes these fossil fuel businesses. Plus these businesses create hundreds or thousands of jobs and these people pay income tax to support the NHS and other public expenditure.

It is not showing leadership by forcing UK parliament pension trustees to sell shares in fossil fuel business. It hypocritical grandstanding trying to win votes from the public increasingly fearful of climate change.

What would be more impressive and productive would be to encourage fossil fuel businesses to innovate with tax cuts on environmental protection innovation. However that would require real leadership and like most things that are good a short term cost. The long term benefits for the environment the public and the fossil fuel businesses would far outweigh the short term cost.

Instead of grand standing on an environmental protection ticket these MPs could be more effective at leading change.

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Why do we use fossil fuels instead of renewable energy

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Environmental Risks Forum

Carbon Offsetting Is For Guilty People With More Money Than Climate Protection Sense

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BusinessRiskTV Fossil fuel businesses need encouragement on environmental protection innovation not blocking

Carbon Offsetting Is For Guilty People With More Money Than Climate Change Sense

Have you booked a holiday overseas and feel you need a way to justify your expansive carbon footprint? Have plenty of money and lots of good words to say about protecting the environment that does not involve sacrificing your overseas holiday? Think you can fool your friends and yourself into thinking you are protecting the environment? Then carbon offsetting is for you!

So you think that your conscious is clear cause you pay money to pump more carbon into the environment? You might be fooling yourself and your friends but we both know carbon offsetting is not protecting the environment. Stop flying that will help save the planet!

Many people including Extinction Rebellion XR activists think that their personal carbon footprint is not the problem. It is other peoples carbon footprint that is the problem! How ridiculous!.

Off course it is your right to express with tears anger and protesting your fears for the imminent extinction of the earth but think about it for a moment. Extinction? Do you really think carbon offsetting is the response to imminent extinction? You may be kidding yourself and your friends justifying your lifestyle choices with carbon offsetting but carbon offsetting is simply a farcical excuse to allow you to blame everyone else for death of the planet whilst you swan off on your holidays!

Its okay little children we can still fly off on holiday cause I use carbon offsetting to save the planet instead! Its peoples shameful lifestyle that is killing the planet. If only they heard about carbon offsetting. Then the ice caps would not melt and the air around Heathrow would be simply devinely healthy.


If you think there is a real extinction threat then instead of a voluntary carbon offset that allegedly counteracts the damage your life is doing to the planet you should be doing less damage to the planet.

If you think there is imminent threat of planet extinction instead of using your money to restore the damage you have forced on the planet why not just not damage the planet.

Carbon offsetting is to designed to give you an excuse to fly off on holiday when your children ask if your flight is helping to kill the planet. Carbon offsetting if you believe in extinction threat is actually a very dangerous tool that is more likely to do harm than good. Your money would be better invested in not doing damage in the first place.

Carbon offsetting is only offering flyers and the like a way out of their environmental green guilt. It is not saving the planet. It is making the damage to planet worse and you know it really. The key to saving the planet is to change your behaviour and the way you spend money.

Carbon offsetting is good PR for your unwillingness to make lifestyle sacrifices. It does not help save the planet.


We are not backers of Extinction Rebellion message. Their environmental targets are unreachable and are therefore not smart in any way whatsoever. If there is a growing climate emergency it will be defused by people changing their spending habits not by carbon offsetting.

BusinessRiskTV looks for real environmental solutions to real risks for the benefit of people and the planet.

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Carbon Offsetting Is For Guilty People With More Money Than Clim

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Carbon Offsetting Is For Guilty People With More Money Than Climate Change Sense

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