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Construction industry risks analysis. Construction safety and risk intelligence. Construction industry risk forum and construction risks management. Identifying key risks in construction projects. Assessing risk in construction sector. What are the biggest threats to and risk in the construction industry? What opportunities for growth are there in the construction industry? Network with construction industry business leaders looking at business risks in construction industry. Construction safety and risk intelligence reviews.

Construction Safety Risk Intelligence

Building Safety Programme
Improving Building Safety Standards UK

UK Building Safety Programme

The Ministry of Housing Communities and Local Government MHCLG has established the Building Safety Programme to make sure that buildings are safe. However it is unlikely that there ever will be a common standard of building safety that every building in the UK meets as a minimum.

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Improving House Building Construction Business Risks

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There are many construction industry risks that threaten a contractors successful project completion. Opportunities are also present to improve construction industry project outcomes. Download construction industry risk management guides. Pick up construction industry risk management advice, tips and guidance in our construction industry news magazine.

Identifying Key Risks in Construction Industry Projects

We review the key practices for successful risk management in construction industry

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  3. Why do you need to consider changing how you manage your business
  4. Where can we witness poor practices
  5. When does good practice become excessive control
  6. How do you raise your own game

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Construction Industry Housing UK
Robotic Bricklayer Builds UK House Yorkshire

7th October 2020 A three bedroom house in East Yorkshire is being built by a robot

A robotic bricklayer created by Construction Automation is promising increased construction industry productivity with improved better quality houses and improved health and safety on construction sites.

The automatic bricklaying robot can lay bricks blocks and mortar. Construction on the house in Yorkshire started on 28 September and the company expects the build to be finished in three weeks with just one skilled worker overseeing construction by the robot. Two workers are needed to operate the machine including loading bricks and mortar into the robot and carry out other essential work such as pointing and installing damp proof coursing. Scaffolding is not required and no one needs to work at height so it is safer.

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