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What are the key current and emerging risks in building design and construction?   How do you manage risks facing construction industry?   How do risk factors in construction projects effect the success of those in control and the client?   What is the importance of risk management in construction industry?

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Are you exasperated or even irritated by the complexity of risks facing your construction or contracting business?   What is the cost of risk for your construction business?   Reduce the cost to become more resilient and more profitable.

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Identifying Key Risks in Construction Projects

We review the key practices for successful risk management in construction industry :

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  2. Business leaders who have overcome barriers to performance improvements
  3. Why do you need to consider changing how you manage your business
  4. Where can we witness poor practices
  5. When does good practice become excessive control
  6. How do you raise your own game

Improving management of construction business risks in UK and overseas.

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15th January 2018 – Carillion Liquidation

Carillion liquidation threatens thousands of construction jobs.   It is the second biggest construction firm in the UK, yet its size didn’t protect it from collapse.

UK central government local government and liquidators are fighting to keep public sector services running.

Carillion is involved in many major projects including HS2, schools, hospitals, prisons and defence contracts and all of these are threatened by the collapse of Carillion.

In addition, many thousands of jobs and pensions are likely to result in reduced payments to individuals.

Our construction Risks Forum looks at the industry risks to assess how to manage construction business risks better.

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21st December 2017 – £240,000 Fine For Construction Company After Serious Accident During New House Build

A worker suffered serious injuries when a first floor he was standing on collapsed and he fell 3.5 metres.   Huntsmere Projects Limited did not take all practicable steps to prevent danger to workers from collapse of part of building and was fined £240,000 plus costs.   Huntsmere, as principal contractor, was responsible for site safety including ensuring proper planning and co-ordination of contractors onsite.   This meant a duty to monitor and control other contractors that it hired and the floor collapse could have been avoided had Huntsmere Projects Limited fulfilled its duties in its role as principal contractor.

20th December 2017 – Kier Construction Fined £1.8 Million After Road Worker Death

Mr Gallagher had been sweeping and checking road surfacing work.   He was killed after receiving high-impact injuries and the judge concluded that Mr Gallagher was exposed to a risk of being hit by passing vehicles and his position meant “he must have been run over” by the tipper truck.

The judge said the planning was “flawed” and there was a “systemic failure to recognise risks”.

16th November 2017 – Construction Skills Shortage Holding UK Construction Industry Back

Two thirds of Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors RICS say a lack of skilled workers is the second biggest problem facing the UK construction sector.   It’s a growing problem, growing bigger as demand continues to increase.

23rd September 2017 – Construction Industry In UK Should Get On With Training Not Moaning About Skills Gap Due To Brexit

A survey by OnePoll for Royal Institution Of Chartered Surveyors RICS found that output from UK construction market is expected to grow over the next twelve months.

53% of construction workers in London consider labour shortages to be a serious challenge to construction sector growth

RICS says construction industry senior and middle managers are very concerned about the construction sector skills gap in London.

The potential construction skills vacuum from a lack of EU construction workers can be filled by UK residents if they receive training over the next few years.   However, many construction companies have sat on their hands and not invested enough in training people in the UK, preferring to import highly skilled cheaper construction workers from outside the UK.

Instead of acting politically, construction business leaders should be managing the potential skills gap with more investment in training.

18th September 2017 – New Zealand Runs Short Of Jet Fuel Due To Digger Accident

Thousands of air passengers are stranded due to an incident where a digger hit the sole supply pipe of jet fuel oil in Auckland.   Jet fuel oil has had to be rationed and airlines are having to make other plans to ensure they can fly out of Auckland.

The resulting leak only lasted 15 minutes but in this time 70,000 litres of jet fuel oil had been lost at Refining NZ Northland refinery which supplies all of New Zealand’s jet fuel oil.   It may take a couple of weeks to fix the damaged pipeline.

Although the repair to the pipe might cost around £8 million, the damage to New Zealand’s economy could be much worse, running into the hundred’s of millions of pounds.

Even the election in New Zealand could be affected due to restricted transportation.

22nd June – Two Die After Crewe Crane Collapse

Major Incident In Crewe – A crane collapsed on a construction site in Crewe.   The crane driver was take to hospital.   A house was damaged in the crane collapse.

2nd June 2017 – UK Home Construction Work Rose At Fastest Pace Since End O 2015

IHS Markit purchasing managers’ index (PMI) May reveals the building of new homes in the UK is now proceeding at its fastest rate since end of 2015.

Even more new homes need to be built but this could well be curtailed by the lack of construction skills.

3rd May 2017 – Construction Industry Growth Increased To 4-Month High In April

UK Construction Industry Has More Than A Spring In Its Step

The Markit / CIPS UK Construction Purchasing Managers’ Index (PMI) rose in April.

Civil engineering grew at the fastest pace in just over a year and growth in house-building hit a four-month high.

27th April 2017 – House-Building Plans at 10-Year High

Demand 4 Commercial Property In UK Rises

The construction industry’s start to 2017 has been very good despite the uncertainty of Brexit.

House prices in the UK continue to rise albeit at a slower rate than recent years.

The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors RICS has recently reported increasing demand for commercial property in the first quarter of 2017.

24th April 2017 – Small Construction Businesses Are Booming

Federation of Master Builders FMB Order Books Are Healthy

The latest FMB survey reports that in the 3 months to March 2017, one-in-two construction SMEs are forecasting rising orders in near future.

SME construction businesses in the UK are taking advantage of homeowners who are not finding enough reasons to move.   Instead they are remaining in their existing home, but undertaking home improvements to create more space and grow value.

25th February 2017 – Scandal Of Lack Of Investment By UK Construction Industry In UK Workers

Construction  company’s struggling to find suitable candidates as failing to get same level of applications from eastern Europeans

Many in the UK construction industry complain that UK workers are not as skilled as eastern European workers.   That may well be true, but UK construction company’s are largely to blame  for that as they are failing to invest in UK workers.   They are failing to invest adequately in apprenticeship schemes to build a UK construction workforce to meet increasing demand for housing and infrastructure development.

UK construction industry has relied on cheap eastern European labour who can earn four times as much as working in their home country.   UK construction companies complain about a reduced supply of eastern European workers because they don’t want to invest in UK workers skills development.

The UK government should use carrots and sticks to encourage and punish UK construction companies who don’t invest in training and development of existing workforce, or unemployed in the UK.

16th February – Construction Industry Jobs In UK

Post your construction industry job vacancy to fill skills gap faster, or search for a new job in construction industry


10th February 2017 – UK’s December Construction Industry Output  Increased

The Office for National Statistics ONS reports a jump in UK construction industry output in December 2016.   UK construction output rose 1.8% in December 2016.

13th January 2017 – Construction Industry Shows Its Stronger Than People Thought

Grafton Group, owner of Selco builders’ merchant, has just reported strong business performance at the end of 2016, despite many economic forecasters saying that the construction industry will suffer post-Brexit vote.

The Construction industry is suffering under higher prices for building materials but the demand for construction related services will soar in 2017.   Invest in construction related companies in the UK because 2017 will be the best year for the construction industry for some time.   You heard it here first!

4th January 2017 – Construction Purchasing Managers Index Indicates UK Construction Industry Is Growing At Its Fasts Pace Since March 2016

The only thing that will hold the UK back is lack of enough skilled workers – UK Construction Wages Will Rise In 2017

Get into the UK construction industry, as 2017 will be its best year in decades!   Take a look around you.   Housebuilding is relatively booming, or set to boom in 2017.   The UK government has promised significant investment in infrastructure.

Key Risks and Barriers To UK Construction Industry Growth in 2017

Biggest risk to construction industry in UK in next 12 months is not Brexit but lack of construction industry skills

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The solution can be recruiting from the EU, but it could also be investing in training and development in the UK?

According to Manpower’s recent survey of thousands of UK employers they are very confident in job vacancies in UK construction industry.   In fact too many job vacancies.

The big problem for UK construction companies will be finding enough skilled people to fill job vacancies and this will either hold back construction projects or hit profit or push up the price of construction projects.   Manpower say that scaffolders and bricklayers can ask for and get £23 per hour in some parts of the UK due to lack of available skilled construction workers.

Employers in the UK are more confident in jobs being created in 2017 than they have been about job creation over the last 3 years according to Manpower.   This is despite the UK government stating clearly that it intends to trigger the UK leaving the European Union EU by the end of March 2017.

The demand for new housing in the UK presents a crisis to the UK government.   It needs to support training and development within the construction industry to train people to fulfil demand for skilled construction workers.   What is it doing to fund and support training in the construction industry?

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