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17th January 2017 – Ridiculous Risk Management Culture Or Individual Judgement Failure?

From time to time we hear reports of ridiculous overzealous risk management control.   For example, it was reported today in the Even Standard that a pensioner was fined £80 by Ealing Council for pouring a cup of coffee down a drain.   She allegedly disposed of the coffee down a drain in Ealing shopping centre because she didn’t want to fill the public bin with liquid.   Two enforcement officers gave her an on the spot fine.   Ealing Council investigated the case and decided to drop the fine saying that their “… priority is to make sure that the borough is clean and litter free and we apologise for any inconvenience that this may have caused.”

What was the environmental cost of pouring coffee down the drain instead of soaking the bin with coffee?   What was the reputational cost to the council for ridiculous fine?   What was the financial cost to the council?

Do public sector get the right risk management balance?   There are no ridiculous safety legislation in the UK.   There is ridiculously interpretation of safety legislation.   Who is at fault for the ridiculous interpretation?   Is it the senior managers creating the wrong imbalanced risk management culture or is it simply individual errors of interpretation or implementation of organisation policy?

15th December – Social Care Funding Changes

Local authorities have complained about the cuts to their funding.   There is a recognition across the political party’s in the UK that social care is in crisis, that is set to get worse.

English local authorities will be allowed to increase council tax to help fund social care.   The “social care precept” on council tax bills will go up, thus increasing total council tax per annum.

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