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What are the benefits and costs of sprinklers? Can fire sprinkler systems pay for themselves? What is the cost of not installing fire sprinklers?

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How much does a fire sprinkler system cost in UK?

How much does it cost not having a fire sprinkler system installed? After the Grenfell fire disaster in London maybe the cost of risk can be revisited without automatically being the first thing on cost cutting list?

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Fire Safety In Buildings

Perhaps the pendulum has swung back in safety management’s favour. Perhaps more people will think less about the cost of fire protection and think more about the cost of not having fire protections in place.

The Grenfell fire disaster is not the first incident that has caused business leaders regulators and the UK government to think again about rebalancing the risks in society and business. Unfortunately, despite having excellent risk management methodology the UK consistently fails to implement suitable and appropriate protections until after a major loss of life either in one major incident or a series of risk exposures culminating in loss of life

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Key decision makers normally take liberties when given the option to.   They normally think that the major loss will not happen on their watch, and so it is worth taking more risk without balancing the extra risk with extra precautions.


Fire sprinkler systems could be cheaper than first thought

The truth is that major loss of life or property presents opportunities for businesses to sell more. After a major flood clean up service companies sell more. After a major accident the legal people ell more services. After the Grenfell fire sprinkler system manufacturers and installers will almost certainly sell more sprinkler systems.

Where once the cost of fire sprinkler systems was one of the first parts of a new build to be cut in the pursuit of profit they will get a chance to stay in the design. After Grenfell fire disaster public and private sector organisations will have to think twice before cutting the cost of fire sprinkler systems from their budget. Now they will think more about the cost of not having fire sprinkler systems in new building design.

Sadly, the change of fortune for fire sprinkler system companys has come too late for some but in future many lives will be saved because of the re-evaluation of the true worth for fire sprinkler systems.

Fire Risk Assessments Fire Safety In The Workplace BusinessRiskTV


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