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How Often Do People Change Jobs

What elements of a job do you want in your dream job? What things detract for enjoying a dream job and how much of a deal breaker would they be if they were part of your job description?

Would your dream job meet your financial aspirations as you are unlikely to buck the market rate? If the market rate does not meet your money needs then it could destroy your dream. You may need to rethink your dream job or rethink your lifestyle costs.

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Are you thinking about a career change? Needing pointing in the right direction?

How to find the right career for me

Ask our network of headhunters and career advice experts. Access help with your job search.

More than half of employees in UK are planning on changing jobs in 2020 according to recent research from TotalJobs. Start your job search now to beat the competition in the jobs market in UK.

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