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Pandemic Epidemic Risks To Business and Society

Pandemics are a neglected risk to lives businesses and economies. Infectious disease outbreaks that turn into epidemics or pandemics can kill millions of people and cause trillions of in financial losses.    

Pandemic Epidemic Risks News Opinions Reviews A pandemic is a disease that spreads globally. A pandemic is a top major risk to lives and business sustainability.   When viruses cause national or global outbreaks of life-threatening diseases, risk management has a crucial role to play to mitigate the effects on businesses economies and society as a whole. There is not much time to react to stop the spread of the disease.

How to manage pandemic outbreak effects on your business

Access help with your UK influenza preparedness strategy through careful planning prior to a pandemic event and create an effective communications strategies during outbreak. Many businesses need to improve management of the risks associated with pandemics.

Use BusinessRiskTVs business partners business continuity guidelines to deal with pandemic flu risk. Reduce your need to invest money and time in a resource for contingency planning for a potential flu pandemic in the UK.

The risk of a flu pandemic is very real. More frequent flu warnings and case studies should breed vigilance not complacency. You might think it will never happen to your business, but…

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21st February 2017 – 600,000 More Ducks To Be Culled In France To Reduce Spread Bird Flu Virus

France is fighting to stop the spread of the H5N8 bird flu virus and will extend the bird cull to ducks in southwest France, from the southeast cull that started in January.   The number of farms in France infected by bird flu continues to rise despite killing over 3 million birds.

28th January 2017 – Global Spread Of Bird Flu At Unprecedented Levels

The UK has had 4 cases of bird flu recently.   The Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) confirmed an outbreak of H5N8 avian flu in pheasants in Lancashire this week.

The risk of a strain of bird flu mutating in a one that can spread from human to human is not far away.   Its a question of when, not if.   Assuming this does happen, what has your business done to continue whilst losing staff who are at least off ill, or are off looking after people who are ill?

What are you critical activities?   Can you train other people to do those activities?   What is your business continuity plan?

27th January 2017 – World Health Organisation (WHO) Warns About Bird Flu Risk In And From China

China’s human deaths from bird flu are a warning for China and the rest of the world according to WHO and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) as the largest movement of people result in gatherings of large groups for the New Year celebrations to mark the Year of the Rooster – South Korea and Vietnam are other examples where such celebrations take place.   South Korea has slaughtered 30 million poultry recently to try to contain the spread of bird flu.

The Hunan province in China has had 17 human cases of bird flu already this year.   The CDC has warned travellers to China not to touch birds and eat food that is fully cooked.   9 people have died in China this year from bird flu.

40 countries have reported bird flu outbreaks since November 2016 according to WHO.

19th January 2017 – We’re In A Global Health Emergency But Most Just Don’t Know It Yet

We’ve been “lucky” so far.   Well if you live in West Africa you might not use the word lucky after 10,000 people died in ebola outbreak.   If your baby was one of thousands brain damaged in Latin America from Zika virus you wouldn’t be feeling lucky today.   These incidents will be looked upon is minor outbreaks that should have woken up global leaders, compared to what is coming down the line globally, if we don’t act now.   We don’t have the drugs to deal with many know pandemic risks, never mind the ones that are yet to mutate.

3 viruses could cause the next global health emergency – Mers, Lassa fever and Nipah virus.   A coalition of governments and charities have committed half a billion dollar’s to find a vaccine for these most likely causes of pandemic.   The Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (Cepi) aims to have two new experimental vaccines ready for each disease within five years.   Tested reliable vaccines will take 10 years to develop.

Overuse of antibiotics could be the most likely cause of a wide-spreading health problem that kills thousands and stops normal social interaction.   Antibiotic resistant bugs are changing and will eventually beat our last line of antibiotic defence and we need to invest in cheap new antibiotics too.

The world is unprepared for epidemics as was experience recently from Ebola in West Africa and Zika in Latin America.   We’ve been “lucky” in that it has been relatively contained, but one day a virus will emerge that isn’t contained and once it breaks through our initial risk controls a pandemic will occur.

The biggest global threats require new vaccines that are not worth developing for the pharmaceutical industry.   The means protection from the next pandemic will not just happen.   We need to make it happen.   Time is running out – tick tock.

30th December 2016 – 6 Months For Right Pandemic Flu Vaccine To Be Found and Distributed In Just The UK

A risk manager from a large UK public sector organisation was once overheard saying that if pandemic flu ever becomes a serious risk in the UK she will eat her hat.   However, England’s chief medical officer Dame Sally Davies, says that the UK’s economy and social care sectors would face major challenges despite being prepared so far as reasonably possible.   On BBC Radio 4 Today programme she said that its not just the NHS that would be challenged.

What about those who are not ill enough to be in hospital, but can’t look after themselves?   What about people who can’t be at work who deliver petrol to petrol stations, what about people who are off work looking after their sick relative?   What about people who make sure we have enough food in supermarkets and shops at the right time?

ITV News reports that Bill Gates warns the world is “vulnerable” to a pandemic flu.   He says that we overestimate our resilience to produce the right drugs at the right time in the right place.   He is crossing his fingers that a “big flu doesn’t come along in the next 10 years” because “we don’t have a strong enough system” to combat a pandemic flu right now.

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