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Coronavirus Pandemic Risk Management

19th March 2020 Meggitt Leading A Consortium Of UK Suppliers To Rapidly Develop and Produce Ventilators That UK Hospitals Need

Meggitt is an aerospace and defence component manufacturer.

The UK government is working with a number of manufacturers to repurpose their manufacturing to supply thousands of ventilators needed within just a few weeks. The UK government is committed to buying any ventilators and other medical supplies produced.

The UK only has around 5000 ventilators and may need in excess of 20000. Many more people could die from the lack of ventilators rather than the fact they have contracted the virus.

In Italy a businessman hearing a shortage of parts for ventilators within days designed a 3D print of the parts needed


Business leaders around the world have the creativity and innovation to solve demand and supply problems very quickly.

18th March 2020 Pound Falls To Lowest Level Against The Dollar In 34 Years

Where businesses are able to keep working they must explore all opportunities for growth especially in a period where a UK recession is now guaranteed and global recession likely.

Part of survival and prosperity plan for UK business should still be to export more particularly to USA. With such a low value of the pound this is an opportunity not be be missed if you can possibly avoid it.

17th March 2020 Amazon UK Stops Receiving Non Essential Products From Sellers Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

Amazon UK is to be congratulated for changing its sales strategy in light of pressures on society from coronavirus pandemic.

Amazon Inc is suspending sellers from sending non essential products to its USA and UK warehouses until April 5 to free up inventory space for more critical supplies that are in shortage as a result of the coronavirus outbreak.

Amazon is seeing increasing online shopping demand from consumers for household staples and medical supplies which are running out of stock.

Amazon defined five categories as essential products that can continue shipping including Baby Product Health and Household Beauty and Personal Care Grocery Industrial and Scientific and Pet Supplies.

Sellers supplying products that are deemed non essential could see their products run out of stock and they will be unable to restock as a result of the pandemic risk management control measure. Suppliers can use other fulfilment methods including mailing products direct to customer.

17th March 2020 Morrisons To Recruit 3500 To Expand Home Delivery To Combat Coronavirus Demand

Clearly Morrisons makes money out of this but it also provides a valuable additional resource to protect people in their homes from coronavirus and therefore also protects people not in their homes too.

Morrisons will introduce more slots for customers and new ways of delivering groceries which will include helping vulnerable people and those affected by the virus.

Morrisons will also launch a customer call centre for orders to be taken over the phone so that people who do not shop online can still order food to be delivered.

Other measures include asking customers at the checkout to pay if possible by card or smartphone to reduce cash handling.

17th March 2020 A Small British Company Previously Making Honey and Gin Starts Making Alcohol Based Hand Sanitiser Products

There is national and global shortage of hand sanitiser due to the coronavirus pandemic. Is it profiteering switching manufacturing output to meet the demand in the marketplace? Of course not. There are no losers only winners.

The British Honey Company in Buckinghamshire will start producing hand sanitiser after receiving permission from UK treasury.


The British Honey Company will continue to produce its core products but maximise profitability by expanding into hand sanitiser products that will help protect people in UK and beyond from coronavirus COVID19.

Being able to produce such an in demand product within our existing capabilities enhances our existing business model at the same time as assisting with the efforts to combat the spread of Covid-19.

Chief Executive Michael Williams The British Honey Company

If you can produce cleaning products personal protection equipment ventilators or parts thereof then you need to heed the UK governments appeal to produce products and services that will help save lives whilst you help protect your business. Its time to think how you can help others and help your business in the process.

Amazon is hiring 100000 new staff in USA to cope with increased sales due to coronavirus as people order more online to avoid close contact


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Coronavirus Business Risk Management with BusinessRiskTV

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Coronavirus Business Risk Management with BusinessRiskTV

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