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  • Brits still love Spain and flock to Spain in droves but many switched to cheaper destinations like Turkey and Tunisia.

3rd September 2018 Spain Tourism Falls In July

Spain tourism arrivals fell in July 2018 for first time since 2009 due to tourists returning to perceived higher risk countries like Turkey and Tunisia.

Tourism produces around 10 percent of Spains economic growth. In 2017 Spain was the country with the second highest number of visitors after France.

19th June 2018 Spain Is Slowly Dying Like Italy and Japan

Spain has one of the lowest birth rates in Europe. People do live for a long time in Spain but who is going to look after all the old people in Spain?

In Spain the total number of deaths exceeded the number of births at the fastest pace since records began in 1941. If older people in Spain are to look after themselves they will need more money in retirement. Most of the money will need to come from the state but with fewer and fewer people working how will Spain manage it age population risk? More immigration?

1st June 2018 Spanish Leader In Government Rejected

Mariano Rajoy has lost vote of no confidence in Spains parliament and spanish Socialist Party leader Pedro Sanchez has become Spains new Prime Minister.

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  • How will this impact on Spains economy?
  • How will it affect the rest of the Eurozone and EU?
  • What will be the impact on Brexit?

The new Prime Minister will not have a majority in Spains parliament so will need to work hard to govern Spains domestic and international trade.

27th March 2018 Stronger Economic Growth In Spain

The Spanish government says the Spanish economy is going to grow faster than it first thought. It thinks GDP in 2018 will be 2.7 percent not 2.3 percent.

Spain’s Economy Minister Roman Escolano says the revised growth forecast is due to faster global economic growth that has encouraged business confidence and investment.

5th March 2018 Spains Services Sector Expands At Fastest Rate In 6 Months In February

Markits Purchasing Managers Index of service companies in Spain has demonstrated that Spain’s services sector is growing healthily at the beginning of 2018 and the pace of growth is accelerating. This growth is bringing more new jobs and contributing around half of Spain’s comparatively rapid economic expansion.

20th February 2018 Spanish Government Wants Money To Remain Cheap Longer Than Germany Wants To Keep Money Cheap

Spanish government indicates it wants ECB to stick by its current QE policy keeping money cheap. However German economists and politicians are crying out for an end to QE and increase in ECB Eurozone interest rates.

19th January 2018 Spain Expecting Improvement In Debt Rating

Spanish government bonds outperformed the market on expectations that the Spanish government’s credit rating will improve.

Fitch Ratings, independent credit rating agency is expected by analysts to increase its credit rating of the Spanish government from BBBplus to A.   This would be Spains highest credit rating by Fitch in 6 years.

An improve in Spains credit rating is important as it will mean that the Spanish government will be able to borrow money from the money markets at a lower cost. Reducing the cost of borrowing will mean Spain can do more for Spanish people at a reduced cost to the Spanish people and businesses.

Spain’s economy grew 3.1 percent in 2017 one of the fastest growing country’s in Europe in 2017. Prospects for 2018 are even better as the global economy recovers and unemployment in the Eurozone falls. However Spain still has the second worst unemployment levels in Europe after Greece.

11th January 2018 Spanish Tourism Up Again

The health of international tourism in Spain is a crucial part of the Spanish economy. The number of international tourists visiting Spain broke records for a 5th straight year in 2017.

Tourism in Spain accounts for more than 10 percent of the economy. Spain is the second most visited country after France.

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