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Pharmaceutical Industry Business Risk Management Forum
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Coronavirus Pandemic Update September 2020

An Unexplained Illness To A UK Participant In Leading Coronavirus Vaccine Trial By AstraZeneca and Oxford University Has Sparked a Greater Understanding Of The Potential Of Vaccine Trials To Fail At Even Relatively Advanced Stages

The pause in Astrazeneca vaccine trial is not fatal. Indeed pauses to enable investigation of illnesses in participants in trials is fairly common and a good safety measure. However it can also be fatal as is evidenced by fall in value of AstraZeneca share value.

More widely it is a salutatory reminder that we may not be as close to a solution to the coronavirus pandemic as everybody hopes.

30th April 2020 British Researchers Thought To Be Leading The Race To Find A Vaccine For Coronavirus Covid19 Agrees To Work With Leading Pharmaceutical Company To Distribute Vaccine Worldwide

The University of Oxford has agreed to work with AstraZenenca for the development manufacture and worldwide distribution of the Covid19 vaccine candidate that is currently undergoing human clinical trials in the UK.

Human trials of the vaccine developed by Oxford University’s Jenner Institute began last week. The UK government has given the institute £20 million to support the research into the vaccine.

Both partners have agreed to operate on a not for profit basis for the duration of the pandemic with only the costs of production and distribution being covered.

There is agreement in the pharmaceutical industry to help one another with vaccine production and that the intention is to supply the vaccine free of charge during the pandemic.

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Pharmaceutical Industry Business Risk Management Forum

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