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21st March 2019 Jobless Rate Falls In Australia

The jobless rate in Australia fell to an 8 year low in February. The jobless rate relieved pressure on the Reserve Bank of Australia RBA to cut the record low benchmark interest rate again.

31st October 2018 Core Inflation In Australia Slows

The Australian Bureau of Statistics ABS reported that inflation measures are well under control and it is unlikely that interest rates will rise in near future. Core inflation is well under the 2 to 3 percent Reserve Bank of Australia target. It is unlikely that inflationary pressures will necessitate an interest rates for sometime.

4th September 2018 Westpac Banking Corp To Pay Record 35 million dollars fine for wrongly approving thousands of mortgages.

  • Australian regulators try to bring financial sector under control

The Australian Securities and Investments Commission ASIC is punishing Australias biggest financial sector companies for poor risk management bad corporate governance and widespread misconduct.

ASIC has also taken action against Goldman Sachs AMP Ltd and Citigroup.

Examples of bad corporate governance and financial risk management practices include charging customers fees for no service irresponsible lending and deception of financial regulators.

Will the review and fines create a regulatory risk to financial sector that will change corporate culture?

Will the fines imposed by Australias financial regulators deter misconduct in future? The risk culture of a business will drive the risk exposure of the a company in future. Regulations and businesses being made an example of only go so far in preventing bad practices.

Westpac was found to have the riskiest mortgage book among the four banks dominating about 80 percent of the Australian market according to UBS analysts.

6th August 2018 Australian Drought Update

Australia’s Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has warned that the country has become a land of drought as he announced further measures to help stricken farmers.

The new package will provide an extra 140m dollars in payments to farmers and for mental health support. It brings the total amount of government funding to 576m dollars. Parts of eastern Australia are experiencing the worst drought in living memory. Ninety nine percent of New South Wales is currently in drought.

14th June 2018 Unemployment In Australia Falls

Jobless rate in May in Australia fell to 5.4 percent. The unemployment rate in Australia is now at its lowest since November 2012.

Many expect the continuing fall of available recruits to increase the rate at wage average wages rise in Australia. A skills gap is developing in Australia. However many already in jobs would like to work more and this slack in the employment market may limit wage inflation in Australia for sometime yet.

11th June 2018 Australian Adviser Network To Close

An Australian financial planning network has closed after Australian corporate regulators advised its license could be suspended or cancelled.

Dover Financial Advisers has been under investigation by Australian Securities and Investments Commission since 2017. The financial network has taken its own decision to close its doors after continued scrutiny of its corporate governance and risk management strategy. Dover Financial Advisers will stop providing financial services.

Australias biggest financial services companies and leaders have been hugely criticised in an Australian government ongoing inquiry. This may be somewhat surprising given that Australia could have been regarded as a flag waver for best enterprise risk management practices. It may demonstrate that many financial services companies talk a good game about good risk management practices rather than delivering good risk management practices.

The Australian government inquiry has already compelled change to financial services corporate governance and risk management practices. ANZ Banking Group has stopped paying bonuses to financial planners for selling products in an effort to improve the standard of financial advice given.

Dover Financial Advisers was the 11th largest financial planning business with 3 billion dollars of funds under management

Join the discussion about Australias Financial Services Industry and how to improve the quality of financial advice in Australia CLICK HERE

5th June 2018 Australian First Quarter Economic Boost Down To Government Spending and Exports

Australian Bureau of Statistics ABS reported good economic performance for Australia in first quarter. Other data showed increase in exports from Australia. Australias balance of payments has narrowed. Despite the good economic figures for Australia the Reserve Bank of Australia is expected to leave interest rates as they are.

4th June 2018 Australian Corporate Profits Rise

First quarter corporate profits jumped according to Australian Bureau of Statistics. Gross operating profits jumped nearly 6 percent creating a new record for the first quarter of the year.

Construction and leisure areas performed particularly well. Australian businesses continue to recruit more staff to meet increasing demand. The number of Australian job adverts are at near seven year peak. The skills gap in Australia is growing.

1st June 2018 Fair Work Commission Raises Minimum Wage By 3.5 Percent

Australian minimum wage will rise by 3.5 percent from the 1st July 2018. The increase will benefit around 20 percent of Australias workforce.

23rd May 2018 – China Big Risk To Australian Economy

The Reserve Bank of Australia Governor Philil Lowe reckons Australia’s economic success or failure is closely linked to the fate of Chinese economy. In particular Chinas debt mountain poses an enormous threat to Australia. If it goes pop it will be a disaster for Australia.

Australia exports more to China than any other country with services exports greater than those to USA and UK combined

24th April 2018 – Australia Interest Rates Movement On Hold?

Australian consumer prices are not threatening an interest rate increase. Inflation remains below the Australian government target.

Australian Consumer Price Inflation CPI is running at just under 2 percent. Australian government wants inflation in the 2 to 3  percent healthy inflation range.

There is no threat of increasing unemployment. No risk of economic collapse. However tempered wage rises means no threat of runaway inflation. Result is no movement in interest rates required.

18th April 2018 – Banking Executives More Likely To Face Jail

Australia government wants banking executives responsible for misconduct to go to jail.

Australian Treasurer Scott Morrison has warned that financial sector executives responsible for breaches of corporate law could go to jail.

Executives at AMP Ltd Australias largest wealth manager admits that employees had lied to corporate regulator for nearly a decade to cover up its practice of charging thousands of customers for services not provided.

An ongoing inquiry into bad practices in Australias financial sector will make recommendations which may include legislative changes that will make criminal prosecution a real possibility.

16th April 2018 Australian Investors and People Ripped Off By Financial Services Sector

Four biggest banks in Australia and wealth manager AMP have paid 400 hundred million dollars in compensation to customers for poor financial advice over past decade according to an inquiry by Royal Commission into financial sector. The inquiry is looking into corporate wrongdoing and abuse of financial services sector customers in Australia.

300000 people compensated and banks acknowledged cases of poor advice overcharging and fraud

Current focus of inquiry are

  1. Australia and New Zealand Banking Group
  2. Commonwealth Bank of Australia
  3. National Australia Bank
  4. Westpac Banking Corp

Later the inquiry will look at financial advice provided by insurers and pension advisers.

22nd March 2018 – Number of People in Employment In Australia Continues To Rise

The number of people in employment grew for a record 17 consecutive month in February. The unemployment rate (5.6 percent) actually rose a little as more people actively started looking for a job in Australia encouraged by the ability of others to find work.

Over a million people in work want to work more hours creating underemployment slack in the Australian economy

7th March 2018 – Australia’s Economic Growth Slowing

According to Australian Bureau of Statistics ABS economic growth slowed at the end of 2017 compared to the 3rd quarter of 2017. Annual GDP for 2017 was 2.4 percent which is still healthy, but the direction of travel for the economy last year was the wrong direction.

Hopes of 3 percent growth in 2018 are just that hopeful rather than realistic. It is unlikely that Australian interest rates will rise from record low in 2018, even with expanding global growth.

An interest rate cut would lower the value of the Australian dollar, boost exports and support consumption especially as many other central banks are increasing rates or about to. With low inflation the Reserve Bank of Australia has room to manoeuvre and should move rates lower.

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