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Australian Banking Scandal
Australian Banking Scandal

Westpac bank has negotiated to pay a record 1.3 billion dollar fine for breaching money laundering laws

Westpac failed to adequately report over 19 million international transactions. Some payments were potentially linked to child exploitation. If the negotiated fine for money laundering rule breaches is approved by a court in Australia it will be the largest civil penalty in Australian corporate history.

Global travel will not resume until mid-2021 Qantas boss says
The boss of Qantas thinks Australia will be closed for international travel until mid 2021 at earliest and for some highly infected countries like USA Australia may not accept its citizens for even longer if no vaccine is found.

The boss of Qantas thinks Australia will be closed for international travel until mid 2021 at earliest and for some highly infected countries like USA Australia may not accept its citizens for even longer if no vaccine is found.

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Read and watch more about sailing around Australia click here

Sailing Australia
Sailing Brisbane to Perth the Long Way Round Two Australians and A Pomme

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