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27th July 2018 Opposition Concede Victory To Imran Khan

Imran Khan leader of PTI party has claimed victory. Mr Khans party is leading the count with 114 seats of the 272 National Assembly constituencies being contested. A total of 137 seats is required for a majority and it is likely that overall majority will not be achieved and a coalition government in Pakistan will need to be formed,

Around half of Pakistans over 100 million eligible voters voted

3rd July 2018 Pakistan Is Growing Faster

Pakistans economy is growing at 5.79 percent. Manufacturing in Pakistan continues to recover. However much of the growth is coming from government spending which is not sustainable without accompanying private sector investment and consumerism.

20th March 2018 Pakistan Rupee Weakens Due To Likely Devaluation

Pakistan’s rupee weakened against USA dollar due to what appeared a deliberate policy of the Pakistan government and central bank.

Pakistans central bank withdrew support for the value of the rupee and this caused it to drop in value against other currencies including dollar.

Pakistan’s economy is growing at around 5 percent

15th July 2017 Dead Fish Creates Water Quality Fears

Water quality in Rawal Dam is under review. Tons of dead fish found in Rawal Lake have raised fears in the capital city.



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