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11th June 2018 Germany and the Trade War With USA

Germany is ready to discuss trade imbalances between Germany and USA via European Union trade discussions according to Germanys Economy Minister Peter Altmaier in a discussion on Deutschlandfunk radio.

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30th May 2018 – German Inflation Above ECB Target In May

German consumer price inflation rose to its highest level in over a year at 2.2 percent according to the Federal Statistics Office FSO.

30th May 2018 – German Retail Sales Jump In April

German retail sales increased faster than expected in April according to Federal Statistics Office FSO. The increase was the biggest retail sales jump since October 2016.

30th March 2018 – Germany’s Jobless Rate Falls to Record Low In March

German unemployment rate fell to 5.3 percent in March from 5.4 percent in February, the lowest since German reunification in 1990, according to Federal Labour Office.

Seasonally adjusted figures from the International Labour Organisation confirmed that employment levels in Germany rose to 44.59 million another record high in Germany.

The German government has forecast economic growth for Germany to be 2.4 percent in German.

6th March 2018 – Germany’s Job Vacancies At Record High

According to a survey by IAB labour office research institute, job vacancies in Germany reached an all-time high in the last quarter of 2017.   They claim that there were 1.18 million job vacancies in Germany in the last three months of 2017.

IAB surveyed 15,000 employers in Germany in all economic sectors.   Biggest skills gaps were found in construction and manufacturing.

Many employers have had to rapidly increase wages to retain and attract staff in Germany.   This years significant wage increases will filter through to increase inflation and this won’t be able to controlled by interest rate rises as southern European countries are still suffering from mass unemployment.   Something will need to give.

5th March 2018 – German Engineering Orders Continue To Climb Higher

German engineering orders jumped 14 percent in January year-on-year driven by domestic and export orders, according to VDMA industry group.

4th March 2018 – Angela Merkel Fourth Term As Germany’s Chancellor Secured

Social Democrat Party SPD agrees coalition deal.   Two-thirds of SPD’s members voted to join the coalition in government.

28th February 2018 – Employment Levels At Record High In Germany

The jobless rate in Germany fell but the unemployment rate stayed at 5.4 percent according to German Federal Labor Agency which is the lowest since German reunification in 1990.

26th February 2018 – German Union Verdi Wants Big Pay Rise For Public Sector Workers In Germany

Verdi trade union is asking for a 6 percent pay rise for its public sector workers.

Germany’s tax take is at record levels and once again has a massive government budget surplus, unlike the majority of countries in the Eurozone who have budget deficits: governments that have to borrow money to pay for public services as there isn’t sufficient tax income to cover all public services and obligations.

Significant wage rises tend to accelerate inflation without accompanying interest rate rises that the ECB have said aren’t in the pipeline due to southern Eurozone countries in particular still suffering from mass unemployment.   The wage rises will increase pressure from Germany on ECB to change its Policy on interest rate rises and QE.

23rd February 2018 – German Economy Set To Grow In Strength In 2018

Germany closed 2017 with a strong economic finish.   2018 is looking like it’ll be even better.

Germany’s economy grew 0.6 percent in just the last quarter of 2017.   It has been outperforming most European countries for years and will continue to do so in 2018-19.   The German finance ministry is expecting growth in the first quarter of 2018 to be 0.7 percent.

German consumer morale is at its highest since 2001 on the back of falling unemployment, significant wage rises and cheap money, courtesy of the ECB.

21st February 2018 – Volkswagen Increases Wages By 4.3 percent

Volkswagen has agreed to settle its dispute with workers about pay by increasing wages from May 2018.   In addition, workers will get an annual payment equivalent to 27.5 percent of monthly wage, or they can choose to take 6 additional days holidays instead.

Around 4 million industrial workers have now won agreements to increase their wages by 4.3 percent this year.

7th February 2018 – Germany Is The Worst Country At Complying With EU Rules

Despite getting the most out of the European Union EU model, due to its ability to borrow money super-cheaply and can export its products freely, Germany still abuses its power by not complying with rules other EU member countries comply with.

German newspaper Handelsblatt looked at data provided by Germany’s government and found that Germany infringed on 74 proceedings it should be complying with as defined by the European Commission EC.   Germany is failing to implement 74 separate EU regulations, which is more than any other EU member country.

7th February 2018 – Germany Economic Growth 2.7 Percent In 2018

Germany’s DIHK Chambers of Industry and Commerce is now forecasting Germany’s economic growth rate will be higher in 2018 compared to 2017.

According to DIHK Germany’s business leaders have never been more confident about Germany’s economic prospects, and they are backing their mouths with their money by investing in Germany at unprecedented rate.

The UK is 14th on the list of EU countries not implementing EU rules in domestic law.

DIHK recently surveyed 26,000 business managers in Germany and the biggest corporate risk in 2018 in Germany is a shortage of skilled labour

30th January 2018 – German Inflation Slowed In January

The Federal Statistics Office FSO reported German inflation unexpectedly slowing in January 2018.   Inflation is Germany is currently running at 1.4 percent.

A weaker than expected inflationary pressure weakens many German economists view that the ECB needs to ease QE in Eurozone.

29th January 2018 – German Economy To Grow 2.4 Percent 2018

German government will say Germany’s economy will grow faster in 2018 than first thought, according to Reuters.   Originally it was forecasting just 1.9 percent growth.

Ifo economic institute is forecasting the German economy to grow 2.6 percent in 2018.

25th January 2018 – German Business Confidence In Economy Improves In January

German business confidence rose in January according to Ifo economic institute’s recent survey result.   Business leaders in Germany are back at their highest level of confidence.   Germany’s manufacturers are especially bullish about their future business growth.

German consumers are also confident in the German, European and global economy in 2018.   The last time German consumers were this confident was 2001.   Their confidence is bolstered by high employment, rising wages and cheap money easily available.

17th January 2018 – Germany’s Current Account Surplus Largest In World In 2017

According to Munich-based Ifo economic institute Germany’s record high trade surplus was the largest of any in 2017, bigger than the whole of Asia.

If there was ever a doubt as to which country is benefiting from the EU there should be no doubt now.   Germany’s trade surplus was the biggest in the world for the second year running in 2017.   If it wasn’t in the Eurozone now, it would find its currency rebalanced some of the trade imbalance with the rest of the world, but it is in the Eurozone and you can’t blame German’s for loving the euro.

Without the Greeks, Spanish, Italians and Portuguese  buying German products the German’s may not have it so easy.   Germany is the reason the EU stays together.

11th January 2018 – Germany’s Economy Expanded At Fastest Rate In Six Years In 2017

Germany’s GDP hit 2.2 percent in 2017 according to the Federal Statistics office.

Germany’s economy is too strong for the value of the euro and such low ECB interest rates and it will start to overheat in 2018.   Most of the rest of the Eurozone is still struggling to recover from the financial crisis but Germany is booming.

Other good news for Germany’s economy is the record government public sector surplus in 2017 of 38 billion euros.   No bad for a country with no government!

Germany’s economy is forecast to grow 2.25 percent in 2018 by the BDI industry association.

German workers are trying to get a bigger share of the success of the last couple of years.   The IG Metall union is trying to get a 6 percent pay rise for 4 million metals and engineering workers in Germany.   The present offer from German employers suggests that strikes will proceed as planned.

9th January 2018 – Germany’s Economy Is Booming

Germany’s industrial production jumped 3.4 percent in November which is fastest monthly advance since September 2009 according to Federal Statstics Office.   Germany’s economy is showing evidance it is growing incredibly fast and in danger of overheating.

Germany was already running a trade surplus with the rest of the world but a jump in experts extpanded the trade surplus further.

4th January 2018 – German Unemployment Falls To Record Low

Germany’s unemployment rate fell to 3.6 percent.   It’s national jobless rate which includes part-time workers looking for work stayed at record low of 5.5 percent.

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