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Automotive Industry News February 2021
Automotive Industry News February 2021
Where is the automotive industry going
The blurring of lines between old world car manufacturers and hi-tech new world manufacturers continues in world of 4IR

Hyundai is reportedly in with Apple discussing an electric car and battery tie-up. Korea Economic Daily TV said Apple and Hyundai are in discussions to develop self-driving electric vehicles by 2027.

Hyundai and Apple already work together on CarPlay, Apple’s software for connecting iPhones to vehicles from a variety of carmakers.

automotive industry growth
Is The Automotive Industry In Strong Growth Cycle

Is Impressive Automotive Industry Growth Compared To 2019 Sustainable?

Yes it is if there is a new car scrappage scheme and people have access to cheap money. Cheap money in the market is going to be around until the UK and global economy recovers.

Many people have oodles of cash piled high in banks they could spend on new stuff. If the UK and world governments introduce new car scrappage schemes they could help save the environment whilst providing a massive incentive for people to switch cars. The supply chain to the car industry would be supported as would the services sector supporting the car industry.

Mercedes Benz and Germany Forecasting Quick Economic Recovery
Mercedes Benz See Rising Demand For Top End Models and Report Increasing 2020 Operating Profit

Mercedes Benz Demand Indicates Automotive Industry Recovering From Cornavirus Pandemic

In addition there are growing signs that German consumer confidence in quick economic recovery from pandemic is on the cards.

Volkswagen Amazon Supply Chain Risk Management Collaboration
Volkswagen Collaborate With Amazon To Create Suppliers Industrial Cloud Based Supply Process To Be Future B2B Marketplace
Fiat Chrysler Automobiles FCA News Report July 2020
Fiat Chrysler Automobiles FCA News Report July 2020

Fiat Chrysler will develop fully self driving commercial vehicles with Waymo

Automotive Industry Overview Report and Risk Analysis
Automotive Industry Startup News For Wales and UK

Automotive Industry Overview Report and Risk Analysis

Bro Tathan owned by the Welsh Government is already home to an Aston Martin electric car plant which produced its first vehicle last week. Britishvolt want to exploit the benefits of manufacturing in Wales including localised supply chain and shortening of supply lines. It will also be helping to save the planet with lower carbon from less need to import technologies to UK and tapping into and building upon renewable and clean energy technologies developed in UK.

27th April 2020 Volkswagen VW Restarts Manufacturing Today After Being Shut Down Since Mid March Due To Coronavirus Pandemic

VWs biggest factory is in Wolfsburg Germany. Production capacity will be reduced at the factory to begin with. Less than 50 percent output will be used even after the step up in production after the restart.

The reduced production will enable workers to maintain strict new hygiene measures including regular disinfecting of tools and surfaces as well as taking their own temperatures and changing into work clothes at home to avoid crowded changing rooms. They will also need to maintain the 1.5-metre social distancing rule that remains in place across Germany.

VW also plans to restart its plants in Spain Portugal Russia and South Africa this week and its USA plant in Chattanooga from next week.

3rd April 2020 Ford Motor Co Extends Temporary Suspension of Vehicle and Engine Production At Most European Manufacturing Sites to 4th May Due To Coronavirus Pandemic

20th March 2020 Volvo Stops Production in Sweden Belgium and the USA Due To Coronavirus Pandemic

18th March 2020 BMW To Wind Down Production At All European Plants

18th March 2020 Toyota Halts Production At All European Factories

18th March 2020 Volkswagen Will Close Three Polish Plants Over Coronavirus

Volkswagen to stop production of commercial vehicles for at least two weeks at its production plants in Poznan Swarzedz and Września in Poland starting on Thursday.

17th March 2020 Nissan Stops Production at factory in Sunderland due to coronavirus

Nissan has suspended production today at its Sunderland factory due to the coronavirus.

16th March 2020 Peugeot Closing Manufacturing Plants Due To Coronavirus Pandemic

A shortage of parts the threats to workers and the lack of demand for products means that it needs to close manufacturing plants for weeks until.

PSA is to close all factories across Europe. The closures will be phased in this week with every plant closed until at least March 27th.

Automotive Industry Risk Management Overview

What are the key business risks in automotive industry? Overview of all risks involved the design development manufacturing marketing and selling of motor vehicles. Take control of risk factors in the automotive industry.

Understand corporate business risk management in automotive industry.

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New risks will play a bigger role in decision-making including cyber attacks on companies and individual vehicles.

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Automotive Industry Risk Analysis

Manufacturing Risks Magazine
Manufacturing Risks Magazine

What are the threats and opportunities in future?

What are the risks and opportunities in the automotive industry? What are the emerging risks for automakers? What are the existing risks that are changing?   How do business leaders manage these risks more productively and profitably?

The global automotive industry is on the edge of a cliff. Driverless technology and technology companies  are moving from valuable partners to potential survival threats. The ways things have been done for decades is about to change unrecognisably. Users like Uber are going to change demand for manufactured vehicles, as is the impending jump in oil prices brought about by the economic recovery and falling investment in oil production.

Oil producers have slashed their exploration budgets and this will feed into much higher oil prices in the near future. Higher oil prices will change the demand for automotive products and vehicles.

How can carmakers reduce the threats from their suppliers and more successfully collaborate with suppliers for mutual benefit?

The automotive industry has such a large net positive impact on the global society via employment and income generation. How should government’s support the automotive industry better for societal benefits?

How is the traditional vehicle maker threatened by technology and how can they embrace the benefits of new technological developments? The world is entering a new auto industry period that creates existential threats and totally new income stream opportunities for not auto makers but tech companies. This is not futuristic. It is right on our doorstep right now!

Fleet and Driver Risk Management

Motor fleet risk management can prevent the waste of bundles of cash. It does require a commitment of time but not necessarily a lot of money. It therefore can boost the profitability of your business.

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