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14th November 2019 Unusual Pain From Mercedes

14th November 2019 Cyber Security Big Threat To Automotive Industry

What must the automotive industry do about the threat from cyber security?

30th September 2019 Volkswagen Facing Mass Lawsuit

Volkswagen facing lawsuit from 450000 diesel car owners in Germany. The car owners claim they are owed compensation for being sold cars based on misleading diesel emissions data.

The diesel emissions scandal has already cost Volkswagen 30 billion euros.


Volkswagen is already managing the civil costs of the diesel emissions scandal in USA and Australia. Volkswagen has agreed to buy back 500000 cars in the USA. In Australia Volkswagen will pay 127 million Australian dollars to compensate car owners.

Volkswagen is also facing possible fines from the European Union EU for allegedly colluding with other manufacturers to delay the introduction of emissions control technology.

24th September 2019 Three Current and Former Volkswagen Executives Charged with Market Manipulation in Connection with Diesel Emissions Scandal.

CEO Herbert Diess chairman Hans Dieter Pötsch and exCEO Martin Winterkorn did not inform investors early enough about the financial fallout German prosecutors allege.

Volkswagen admitted in 2015 using illegal software to cheat on emissions tests. Millions of Volkswagen cars around the world were sold with devices to defeat emissions testing.


Volkswagen tried to cover up the emissions scandal.

9th July 2019 New Electric Mini Will Start Production In Cowley UK In November.

You can take delivery of your new UK electric mini in March 2020.

Once again a major UK car manufacturer threatening to move car production due to threat of no deal Brexit has committed to UK manufacturing regardless of Brexit risk.

1st April 2019 Investigation Of Car Fires

USA automotive safety regulator the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration NHTSA will open an investigation into Hyundai Motor Co and Kia Motors Corp vehicles after reviewing reports of more than 3000 fires that injured over 100 people.

The Center for Auto Safety CAS has been investigating Hyundai and Kia vehicles for fire risks and has asked the regulator to investigate their car fires.

27th March 2019 Ford Motor Cos Russian Joint Venture Ford Sollers To Close Two Assembly Plants Plus Engine Factory In Russia

Part of corporate restructuring plan is for Ford Motor Co to exit Russias passenger vehicle market. Ford Sollers will assume control of the venture which is currently led by the USA automaker.

A restructured Ford Sollers will focus on commercial vehicles. Passenger vehicle production will cease by the end of June 2019.

In 2011 Ford Motor Co set up a joint venture with Sollers in which Ford and Sollers each hold a 50 percent stake.

5th March 2019 InvestIndustrial To Buy Morgan

InvestIndustrial is an Italian venture capitalist firm. The Morgan family and the management team will retain minority stakes in the carmaker.

25th February 2019 BMW Fined 8 Million Euros

BMW have been fined 8 million euros in Germany for administrative lapses surrounding the wrong engine management software as part of the ongoing emissions scandal currently impacting on lower car sales and a slowdown in the German and global economy.

31st January 2019 British Car Production Fell By 9 percent In 2018

According to the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders SMMT the UK suffered its biggest fall in car production since the 2009 global recession.

Although the SMMT lays the blame at the door of Brexit the real reason is more to do with slowdown in global economy and China in particular as well as the diesel emissions scandal.

Britain’s biggest carmaker Jaguar Land Rover is a good example of a carmaker hit by reduction in demand from China and diesel models. Most of Jaguar Land Rover model are diesel.

15th January 2019 New Ford and Volkswagen Collaboration

Ford and Volkswagen to collaborate to cut costs of technological development. The companies will work together on the development of commercial vans mid size pickups driverless vehicles and electric vehicles.

1oth January 2019 There Is Nothing Inherently Wrong With Diesel Power

What is wrong is leading global vehicle manufacturers cheating on vehicle emissions testing by state regulatory bodies.

Diesel engine technical like most technology continues to progress. New developments in diesel engines make some diesel engines better for the environment than petrol engines.

Not only did the diesel engine emission scandal cheat regulatory levels of pollution but they cheated further faster diesel engine development. By making out everything was good with emissions they was less need for innovation. Since discovering that the biggest manufacturers were really polluting the world at much higher levels than thought automotive manufacturers have doubled down on research and development to make diesel engines that do work well.

The trouble is that the cheaters have now tainted diesel engines. As a result people are losing their jobs. Other by products of poor corporate governance and risk management have flowed from the cheaters emissions scandal.

What needs to happen is that punishment for cheating society needs to be greater. Those personally responsible should have been punished severely to deter similar but different failure of risk management.

We continue to throw the baby out with the bath water post significant loss. Diesel power is being sidelined when it has much to offer society. In addition to more severely punishing wrongdoers businesses need to more proactively manage enterprise risks more holistically.


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22nd November 2018 Hyundai Motor and Kia Motors Are Being Investigated By USA Prosecutors Over Whether Vehicle Product Recalls Were Conducted Properly

Hyundai and affiliate company Kia together are the world’s fifth biggest automaker. They recalled recalled nearly 1.7 million vehicles in 2015 and 2017 in the United States in one of their biggest recalls in America for concerns about an engine failure that increases the risk of a crash.

The investigation could lead to criminal charges and more vehicle product recalls.

11th October 2018 BMW To Take Control Of Its Car Making In China

BMW will pay 3.6 billion euros to take control of its main joint venture in China. China has reversed its protectionist policy on foreign ownership to try to increase investment and economic growth in China.

China relaxing company ownership rules makes BMW invest more in China

BMW says it will increase its stake in its venture with Brilliance China Automotive Holdings Ltd 75 percent from 50 percent with the deal closing in 2022 when rules capping foreign ownership for all auto ventures are lifted. BMW may shift more production to China in future.

8th October 2018 Jaguar Land Rover JLR To Close Solihull Plant For 2 Weeks This Month

Jaguar Land Rover will close its Solihull plant for two weeks later this month after it reported a nearly 50 percent fall in sales to China. Chinese consumers fear the impact of Chinas trade war with USA.

The second main reason for slump in demand is the fact that around half of JLRs car sales are diesel and there has been a global kickback at diesel engine powered vehicles around the world due to environmental concerns.

Toyota Product recall #CarIndustry #automotiveindustry #ProductRecall

— Risk Manager (@ERMuk) October 5, 2018

13th September 2018 General Motors Co Recalling 1 million Pickup Trucks and Sport Utility Vehicles United States USA

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says the vehicles are being recalled due to issues with a temporary loss of power steering. A defect may cause difficulty steering the vehicle especially at low speeds increasing the risk of a crash.

Product Recall for specific 2015 Chevrolet GMC and Cadillac pickup trucks and SUVs.

GM dealers will update the power steering module software free of charge for owners of the affected vehicles.

7th September 2018 Ford Motor Co Recalls 2 Million F150 pickup Trucks in North America 

A seat belt problem could generate excessive sparks and cause fires following 17 reports of smoke or fire in the United States and six in Canada. Ford will fix the problem for free. The product recall will cost Ford 140 million dollars.

The recall covers 2015-2018 Ford F-150 Regular Cab and SuperCrew Cab vehicles in North America for driver and front passenger seat belt pretensioners.

5th September 2018 UK New Car Sales Jump In August 2018

  • British new car registrations jumped by an annual 23.1 percent in August.

Demand for electric and alternatively fuelled vehicles nearly doubled. New car sales hit 94094 units in August according to the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders SMMT.

6th June 2018 Product Recall Announcement For Audi A6 and A7 Models

German motor authority KBA has ordered a recall of Audi A6 and A7 models with 3.0 litre Euro 6 diesel engines after finding illegal emissions software in them according to Germanys Transport Ministry.

Around 60,000 vehicles worldwide are affected by the product recall announcement.

24th April 2018 Volkswagen Group Profit On Course In 2018

We had a very positive start into 2018 group Chief Executive Herbert Diess said at the Beijing auto show. Positive profit growth is expected in all automotive marketplaces.

Volkswagen group wide deliveries expanded 7.4 percent in the first quarter to 2.7 million vehicles

Volkswagen spending 10 billion euros on developing electric cars.

28th March 2018 Daimler and BMW Team Up

Daimler and BMW joined forces to cooperate on developing new services including car sharing and ride hailing services. Each company has a 50 percent stake in the projects.

28th March 2018 Jaguar and Google Driverless Car Project

Jaguar car manufacturer and Google’s autonomous tech company Waymo have agreed to pool resources to develop 20000 driverless I-Pace SUVs in a new car-hailing service project.

In future, instead of asking Uber to send you a taxi you ask Google to pick you up and take you to your chosen destination in a Jaguar I Pace without a driver.

Google has been developing an autonomous system that can be fitted to luxury cars as part of Google’s plan to offer a premium electric self driving vehicle car hailing service called Google Self Driving Car Project.

6th March 2018 Car Tariffs By USA Would Result In USA Job Losses According To BMW

BMW’s CEO is reported as saying that if the USA imposed tariffs on car imports in the United States, it would reduce job opportunities in the USA marketplace.   BMW has a car plant in South Carolina.

President Trump has threatened to impose tariffs on car imports to USA if the European Union EU retaliates against Trump’s threat of imposing tariffs on aluminium and steel.

15th February 2018 Volkswagen VW and Apple Partnership

Volkswagen is seeking to work with Apple to style its new generation of electric cars.

31st January 2018 UK Car Production Falls In 2017 But Should Hold Steady In 2018

2017 car production fell 10 percent according to the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders SMMT. 1.67 million cars were produced in the UK last year.

2017 was still the second highest car production in UK since the year 2000.

80 percent of all cars produced in UK are exported. Over half of cars produced go to European market.

£1.1 billion was invested in the car industry in 2017 down from £1.6 billion in 2016.

The SMMT is forecasting car production will be roughly the same in 2018 as it was in 2017.

18th January 2018 Peugeot SA on Alliance In Latin America

Peugeot SA is very open to a potential alliance in Latin America according to its CEO, Carlos Tavares.

9th January 2018 Ford Partnering Plans With Software and Technology Firms 

Ford plans to partner with logistics company Postmates for autonomous delivery services. The companies will conduct pilot services throughout 2018 to evaluate the utility of self-driving technology.

Ford will also work with transportation software company Autonomic to build a cloud-based platform for base processes, such payment methods or identity verification. Ford made an investment in Autonomic last year.

Ford will expand its self-driving technology development with a growing fleet of Argo AI test vehicles in a new city, which will be the first where Ford plans to deploy an autonomous vehicle business. It did not name the city.

The company also announced a partnership with navigation software maker Waze which will allow users to access the real time traffic and navigation services projected onto the Ford’s SYNC 3 touch screen and by voice commands

8th January 2018 New Working Future. Old Meets New

Automotive partnerships between carmakers and digital firms continue with Volkswagen and Nvidia. Nvidia is providing artificial intelligence AI capabilities for Volkswagen’s future models. Every new vehicle will have features like AI assistants for voice, gesture and facial recognition, as well as augmented reality.   Further product enhancements will include autonomous driving capabilities.

8th January 2018 Jaguar Land Rover Record Sales In 2017

Britain’s biggest car maker hit all time sales record in 2017 for sales around the world helped by the low value of the pound. China and USA markets were particularly strong.

For 2018 Jaguar Land Rover expects both domestic and international sales to increase. In 2017 Jaguar Land Rover started work on its new £200 million design and engineering centre in Warwickshire.

JLR key risks in 2018 

  1. Rapid currency fluctuations find new markets or expand existing international markets further
  2. Diesels and environmental impact diversity product range and expand international market
  3. Cyber Risk adopt cyber risk management principles and practices

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5th January 2018 Chinese Government’s Vision For AI In Cars

China’s government has set a target for incorporating artificial intelligence into cars. The Chinese government wants AI in at least half of all new cars it produces by 2020.

To support this goal for the future, the Chinese government will provide 90 percent wireless network coverage across the China or at least its biggest cities and major roads. It will also cut corporate tax to encourage smart car innovation to become the producer of quality smart cars to the world.

21st December 2017 UK Car Production Falls In November

UK car production in November for UK domestic market fell by 28 percent compared to same period last year according to the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders SMMT. Exports rose by 1.3 percent.

However, in November 2016, the number of cars sold into the UK domestic market was particularly high in comparison to previous years.

16th October 2017 Mercedes-Benz Recalls 400,000 Cars In UK For Airbag Fault

Reports have surfaced that airbags have been deploying prematurely. The vehicles affected include A-Class B-Class C Class E Class and CLA models built between November 2011 and July 2017.

Car owners have been advised that if the red airbag warning light comes on the dashboard to contact their car dealer immediately. Under normal conditions the vehicles are safe to drive.

26th August 2017 VW Emissions Scandal. Former VW Engineer Sentenced To 40 Months In Prison

VW made cars that were producing more pollution than USA clean air regulations allowed. A VW engineer who was partly responsible for the deception has been put in jail by an American judge. In addition he was fined $200,000. The 63 year old VW engineer plead guilty to charges against him that he mislead USA regulators.

How can the new and existing automotive industry risks be managed better?

In a swiftly changing automotive industry, how can business leaders manage strategic, operational and project risks better? What are the key risks to tackle first with limited resources and how could you improve your automotive related business decision making to become more resilient and more productive?

Tap-in to automotive industry expert risk knowledge. Develop your access to automotive industry business intelligence to promote and grow your business faster. Learn more about the automotive industry and the risks facing your organisation.

It will NOT just be car MANUFACTURING that change

Strategic and operational risks require different types of collaboration and cooperation. The auto industry is being turned upside down. What will shake out is not entirely clear. What is certain is that nothing will be the same again for investors in the automotive industry automakers employees suppliers or the consumer.

How automotive products and people are moved around locally and globally is about to make exponential gear shift away from traditional ways of moving from A to B.

Read more about technology changes

Pigs can’t fly but cars might! Companies like Tesla and Uber are exploring new ways for moving people from A to B faster. Flying cars might seem like a thing of fantasy but leading industry minds are increasingly thinking about making SCIFI reality. For example Uber plans to design airborne taxis that will travel up to 100 miles making the commute easier and even cheaper. When could this start to become real? In the next couple of years?

Read more about technology changes

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Understand corporate business risk management in automotive industry.

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New risks will play a bigger role in decision-making including cyber attacks on companies and individual vehicles.

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Where is the automotive industry going

Manufacturing Risks Magazine
Manufacturing Risks Magazine

What are the risks and opportunities in the automotive industry? What are the emerging risks for automakers? What are the existing risks that are changing?   How do business leaders manage these risks more productively and profitably?

The global automotive industry is on the edge of a cliff. Driverless technology and technology companies  are moving from valuable partners to potential survival threats. The ways things have been done for decades is about to change unrecognisably. Users like Uber are going to change demand for manufactured vehicles, as is the impending jump in oil prices brought about by the economic recovery and falling investment in oil production.

Oil producers have slashed their exploration budgets and this will feed into much higher oil prices in the near future. Higher oil prices will change the demand for automotive products and vehicles.

How can carmakers reduce the threats from their suppliers and more successfully collaborate with suppliers for mutual benefit?

The automotive industry has such a large net positive impact on the global society via employment and income generation. How should government’s support the automotive industry better for societal benefits?

How is the traditional vehicle maker threatened by technology and how can they embrace the benefits of new technological developments? The world is entering a new auto industry period that creates existential threats and totally new income stream opportunities for not auto makers but tech companies. This is not futuristic. It is right on our doorstep right now!

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Motor fleet risk management can prevent the waste of bundles of cash. It does require a commitment of time but not necessarily a lot of money. It therefore can boost the profitability of your business.

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