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Argentina Business Risk Review August 2020
Argentina Business Risk Review August 2020

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22nd May 2020 Argentina Defaults On Bond Payments

Argentina defaulted on three bonds. It missed half a billion dollars in interest payments due.

Argentina is trying to restructure its foreign debt pile. Creditors are unlikely to take any action whilst the debt restructuring negotiations are progressing. Any action would prevent any access to the international capital markets needed if Argentina is to have the money it needs to get through coronavirus pandemic crisis.

Argentina was already in economic crisis prior to the pandemic. Now it is here it needs even more money for several years after the pandemic is brought under control. It is likely that South America will be the worst affected as Brazil spirals out of control into the wider continent.

20th March 2020 Argentina Lockdown Prohibits People Leaving Their Homes For Anything Other Than Grocery Shopping Due To Coronavirus COVID19 Pandemic

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29th August 2018 Argentina Wants Release of IMF Funds

Argentinian government asks for the International Monetary Fund IMF to release funds early. Argentina will have access to 50 billion dollars but Argentina needs the money now not later.

The fall of the peso continues to fall through 2018 mirroring the rising fears that Argentina may default on its debts. Argentinas government wants early access to support funding to protect the value of the peso and restore some confidence in the financial markets.

27th March 2018 Argentina Interest Rates On Hold

Argentinas central bank held benchmark interest rate at 27.25 percent.

21st March 2018 Argentina Economy Grew 2.9 Percent 2017

Indec statistics agency has reported that Argentina’s economy expanded 2.9 percent in 2017

28th December 2016 Governments Tax Amnesty Discovers 100 billion dollars in Assets

The Argentinian government hopes the tax amnesty will return money to the failing economy in Argentina. The extra $5 billion tax collected from rediscovered assets will be a start.

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Argentina Business Magazine BusinessRiskTV Argentina Business Risks

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