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Chipped drilled broken or deteriorated materials may have a hidden risk to your health. If you work in an industry where building plant or equipment materials could fall into this category then you are at a higher level of risk to the average person walking, working and living nearby.

Exposure to dangerous amounts of fibres can lead to several diseases and expose you to varies health risks.

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20th October 2019 Johnson & Johnson Product Recall On 33000 Bottles Of Baby Powder In USA Due To Alleged Claims Of Asbestos Contaminants

USA Food and Drugs Administration FDA have found trace amounts of asbestos in a bottle purchased online. USA government officials have advised customers to stop using baby powder from the affected batch immediately.

The company is facing more than 13000 of lawsuits from people who claim its talc powder products caused cancer from cancer causing asbestos. The claims are sometimes settled with a payment and other times the legal claims have been denied successfully in court.

14th July 2018 Tourists In Australia At Risk From Asbestos Mine

Wittenoom town 680 miles north of Perth was shut down in the 1970s. Is is officially classified as an asbestos contaminated site but more and more tourists are visiting the ghost town. Thousands of its former residents and visitors have died from asbestos exposure and it has been compared to Chernobyl and Bhopal catastrophes.

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