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Scores of bankers have been jailed for their part in the financial crisis but the rest of the world should hang its head in shame for its lack of demonstration of accountability for actions and inaction in face of corporate risk

Financial services industry leaders not just bankers were highly culpable for the financial crisis upon which people committed suicide and a lost their shirts.   Financial leaders should lose their liberty.

The next financial crisis is just around the corner. We have seen many incidents since the financial crisis that haven’t quite been systemic risk events but they have cost financial services companys billions in fines for poor and deliberate malpractice. Financial services leaders haven’t learnt their lesson. They are just paying lip-service to good corporate governance. Only the real threat of the jail will stop the next financial crisis happening.

Not only have the culprits for the financial crisis got away with it, they have gone on to be leaders in the financial services industry or other leading businesses.

From leading bankers to leading politicians to leading regulators to leading credit rating agency leaders to leading central bankers they have all prospered despite the financial crisis and many have gone from causing the financial crisis to other positions of power without being held to account for their actions or inaction.

There has been limited tightening of global financial services regulations but the ultimate sanction of losing your liberty is still highly unlikely. It still more likely that financial services leaders will depart their employer with handsome pay-offs and pension packages rather than serving time in a USA or UK jail.

Until individual financial services industry leaders face and are convicted of criminal prosecutions business leaders will continue to lead their employers to hefty financial penalties and even liquidation. If you kill someone at work, you at least have some real chance of going to jail. If you kill a corporate entity, you will almost certainly not go to jail in UK and USA. Appearing in court to face charges is not the same as losing your liberty for 7 to 10 years.

European countries have been a little more robust at jailing the guilty but only a few can be proud of their resolve to improve corporate governance in practice.

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15th October 2019 Reckless Business Leaders Who Mismanage Pension Schemes May Face Up To 7 Years In Jail Under New UK Legislation.

The Pension Schemes Bill will bring in a new sentence of up to seven years in prison for business leaders who are reckless in the management of their pension schemes.

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If you are saving into a pension in the UK you need to read this then write to your MP to complain about the funding of your pension and the UK pension industry https://t.co/CYM21VNRe3 #PensionCrisis #UKpensioncrisis #UKpensions #UKpensionscandal #RetirementTV #RetirementUK pic.twitter.com/7D6Esyl223

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20th June 2017 SFO charges former Barclays chief executive John Varley and three others Roger Jenkins Tom Kalaris and Richard Boath. After a five-year investigation into the £12bn bailout fundraising recapitalisation of Barclays bank by Qatar

Barclays strategy was to go to Qatar for money instead of UK government. The bank and the ex-bank executives will officially respond to SFO charges on 3rd July. The charges include conspiracy to commit fraud by false representation in relation to a fundraising in June 2008. The ex bank executives are facing potential jail of up to 10 years if convicted.

Other charges for some of those accused and the bank include providing unlawful financial assistance through a loan.

Barclays said it was considering its position in relation to these developments and awaiting further details of the charges.

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