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20th July 2019 Dangerous Tumble Dryer Product Recall

Whirlpool is launching a full recall of any remaining fire prone tumble dryers. For 4 years now Whirlpool have resisted calls to recall tumble dryers when the fault emerged.

Tumble dryer brands affected include Hotpoint Indesit Creda Swan and Proline bought between April 2004 and September 2015 in UK.


For more information on what to do if you bought a tumble dryer call 0800 151 0905 or visit CLICK HERE. Check if your tumble dryer is affected. If it is on the product recall list stop using it and unplug it immediately.

Options for tumble dryer owners include:

  • Obtain a free replacement dryer with no extra charges for collection or disposal of the old machine
  • Get a free one hour modification of the old machine
  • Take a discounted upgrade to a higher specification model than the free replacement
  • Obtain a partial refund of up to 150 pounds with owners of older machines getting less than those with newer ones

If your tumble dryer has already been modified as a safety upgrade you may not be able to take advantage of above options but call the helpline to double check.


20th July 2019 Volvo Product Recall 500000 Worldwide

Volvo car manufacturer has concerns of fire risk. A plastic part of the engine can melt and deform and in extreme cases catch fire.

The product recall affects some cars made in the past five years. Volvo will contact affected customers.

There have been Volvo car fires as a result though no one has been injured.


Volvo has reported how many fires have occurred as a result of the defect. The product defect affects cars from the models years 2014 to 2019 with four-cylinder diesel engines.

Car owners have been told that vehicles are safe to use if the car is not currently showing signs of a problem including engine warning light coming on lack of power from engine or an unusual smell.

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