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2nd July 2018 Election Victory For Mexicos New Party

Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador has won Mexicos national election. Amilo only founded his party Movement for National Regeneration on Morena in 2014. His new party beat the two main parties that have governed Mexico since the end of one party rule in 2000.

22nd June 2018 Mexico Interest Rate Increase

Mexicos central bank raised interest rate to 7.75 percent from 7.5 percent. The value of the peso rose as a result.

However the peso has tanked over last two months due to the national political uncertainty from own elections on 1st July and geopolitical uncertainty from North American Free Trade Agreement has Mexican central bankers worried.

Mexicos inflation decreased in May to 4.51 percent according to the Bank of Mexico down from 4.55 percent.

7th June 2018 Mexico Imposes Tariffs On USA Products

Mexico imposed tariffs on apples cheese potatoes bourbon and pork in retaliation for USAs tariffs applied to Mexican steel and aluminium.

6th June 2018 Mexico To Import More Pork From European Union EU

Following USAs imposition of steel and aluminium tariffs on Mexico it has imposed 20 percent tariff on USA pork legs and shoulders. To make pork more affordable in Mexico the Mexican government will look to the EU.

Presently most of Mexicos pork products come from USA. To stop pork price inflation Mexico will look to other countries to supply more than a billion dollars in pork products.

4th June 2018 Mexico To Start World Trade Organisation WTO Action Against USA Over Steel and Aluminium Tariffs

Mexicos economy minister says Mexico will start a dispute settlement process at the WTO claiming America has broken WTO rules with the tariffs.

24th April 2018 Mexico Inflation Falls

Annual Mexican inflation fell to lowest level since January 2017. According to national statistics agency inflation in April fell to 4.69 percent.

11th April 2018 Mexico Waits On Trump

Trump wants more vehicle engines to be built in USA not Mexico. USA has initially proposed that more vehicle engine production in particular is built in USA. USA wants changes to the North Atlantic Free Trade Agreement NAFTA.

Mexican government is waiting for USA to clarify the changes it wants to NAFTA.

3rd April 2018 Mexico Applies Tariffs To Steel Pipes

The Mexico economy ministry says it has imposed anti dumping tariffs on imports of carbon steel pipe from South Korea India Ukraine and Spain.

22nd March 2018 Mexico Annual Inflation Rate Falls

The rate consumer prices are rising fell to lowest since February 2017 5.17 percent in March 2018 according to national statistics agency.

12th March 2018 No Shocks Anticipated By Mexican Central Bank

Mexico’s central bank does not expect significant shocks to inflation in the near future according to the bank’s Governor Alejandro Diaz de Leon. However, the central bank reserves the right to pump up interest rates quickly if necessary.

26th February 2018 Steel Company Receives One OF Biggest Fines Ever

Mexico’s securities regulator has issued one of its biggest fines ever for market manipulation on steel company Industrias CH. Industrias CH was fined nearly 3 million pesos at the end of November for making prohibited trades under a law banning simulating price or volume or effectively trading with itself according to Mexican banking and securities regulator CNBV. An individual was also personally fined, Industrias CH’s investor relations manager.

Wash Trades Definition : An investor buys and sells a security at the same time to create the illusion of greater demand.

8th February 2018 Interest Rate Increased To Combat Inflation

Mexico’s central bank raised interest rates to 9 year high to try to get inflation under control. Interest rate was increased to 7.5 percent.

Many countries see 2 percent inflation has the optimum healthy inflation level. Inflation in Mexico is currently 5.51 percent more than two and a half times higher than what is good for Mexico.

25th January 2018 Mexicos Top Banker Thinks Inflation Will Slow

Mexicos Central Bank Governor Alejandro Diaz de Leon thinks Mexicos inflation rate will continue slowing in 2018. He thinks it will settle at 3 percent, down from the current inflation rate of 5.51 percent.

18th January 2018 Mexico EU Free Trade Deal

Mexico and the European Union EU should complete a new free trade deal within weeks according to Mexican government officials reports.

Deputy economy minister Juan Carlos Baker indicated in a radio interview that the free-trade deal is very advanced and should be signed very soon within weeks.

The EU Mexico free trade deal will cover industrial products farm produce government procurement and investment.

10th January 2018 Mexico Inflation 6.77 Percent

Mexicos national statistics agency says Mexicos annual inflation in 2017 was the highest since 2001. Mexico’s central bank wants inflation to be around 3 percent.

8th January 2018 Mexico Auto Exports Up In December 2017

Mexican auto exports rose 16.7 percent in December year on year according to the auto indistry group AMIA in Mexico.

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