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Could the consortium made up of the likes of Virgin Atlantic and Stobart Group become the example of better business collaboration? If it does not then they have missed a trick to disrupt the aviation and transportation industries.

What an excellent business opportunity to drive business to the business units that make up the whole?

  • Virgin Atlantic long haul specialists
  • Short haul aviation business which has fallen on hard times due to short term financial issues but should not be terminal
  • Energy aviation and rail business

They could all collaborate to drive new business to each other to create faster more profitable business growth

Flybe is being bought by a consortium including Virgin Atlantic and Stobart Group. Inadequate business development at the old Flybe a weaker pound and higher fuel costs all led to the near extinction of Flybe. Flybe shareholders will receive 1p a share and the new consortium saving Flybe from extinction will invest 100 million pounds in the new project. It will operate under the Virgin Atlantic brand.

The consortium saving Flybe is called Connect Airways. Flybe describes itself as Europes largest regional airline.


Collaborative working is the future for sustainable business growth

Just three examples where collaborative business working could produce so much more with little increased risk assets or investment. In other words some traditional business leaders lack of creativity and innovative thinking is restricting the profitability of their business.

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