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What is fleet risk management?

Fleet  driver risk management and vehicle motor fleet risk management will help all employees driving your vehicles on behalf of your business do so safely and cost efficiently.

27th August 2017 Self Driving Lorries In UK Pose Major Risk To Road Users

Driverless lorries in Australia USA Russia and the like could be a good idea, but they present to great a risk to all road users. The UK does not have the room other countries have to reduce the risk to road users.

In addition the technology is already here to make this possible right now, however the technology is not here to stop driverless lorries being hacked to death literally.

Fleets of driverless lorries will be trailed on Britains motorways from next year.   The driverless lorries will accelerate and brake at the same time. The group of lorries have been called platoon’s.

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20th February 2017 UK 3rd Most Congested Country In Europe After Russia and Turkey 

A new study by Inrix found that London, Manchester and Aberdeen were the top 3 most congested UK cities.   Aberdeen was found to be the worst to get into during peak rush hour periods.   Department of Transport (DfT) says there was a record 320 billion miles travelled in 2016.

21st December 2016 Hijack Of Lorry Driven Into Market In Berlin Creates New Threat To Fleet Risk Managers

The tragic hijacking of a Polish lorry subsequently driven into a crowd at a market in Berlin is a new threat that could easily be duplicated.   The lorry driver was married with a son and he was the first victim of the terrorist attack in Berlin.

GPS on lorry indicates that the lorry was being driven erratically immediately prior to being driven into the market, suggesting that the terrorist attacker was learning to drive the lorry.

Could relatively untrained, unskilled lorry drivers drive most lorry’s into large crowd’s of people?   Unlike learning to fly a plane to carry out a terrorist attack, hijacked large vehicles could be the new weapon of choice for terrorists.

Government’s and those in authority need to protect the public in a number of different ways.   That is not the subject of this question.   What to fleet owners and managers do now to protect their drivers from hijacks for the purpose of terrorist attacks?

This new risk is different.   People attacking lorries for financial gain is not new.   Hijacking large vehicles to kill and maim as many people as possible is a different threat altogether.

What risk controls should fleet risk managers adopt to tackle this new threat?

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Are you responsible for managing fleet risks? Some CEOs have threatened the performance bonuses of all employees if the fleet risk costs insurable and uninsurable are reduced. If your fleet risk goes wrong it can take a lot of time and money to put it right so keeping a review of your fleet risk should be worthwhile for your business or enterprise.

Some fleet risk management services may help to keep you on the right road!

  • Fleet Driver Training Theory
  • Fleet Driver Training Practical Assessment
  • Fleet Driver Training Skills Renewal
  • Fleet Driver Training Behaviourial Awareness
  • Fleet Risk Management Workshops
  • Fleet Risk Assessment and  Fleet Risk Management Audit
  • Fleet Risk Management Solutions
  • Fleet Risk Analysis
  • Virtual Fleet Risk Manager
  • Driver Assessor Training
  • Classroom Safety Training
  • Fleet Policy, Procedures and Handbook
  • Post-accident Investigation Procedures and Processes
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