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Motor Fleet Risk Management

Motor fleet risk management solutions. How can you improve your fleet management costs. Develop a better motor fleet risk management strategy. Are you a fleet risk manager or a business leader with a motor fleet risk management problem? The best motor fleet risk management practices can lift whole business performance and profit. Poor motor fleet risk management practices can drag your business down.

Motor Fleet Risk Management

Fleet Risk Management Solutions Including Telematic Solutions
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Develop the most advanced holistic fleet risk management solutions for your business. Our Fleet risk management partners offer you the latest telematic technology best practice fleet risk management practices and cost effective fleet risk management strategies. Our fleet risk manager service will protect and grow your business with less uncertainty. Managing fleet vehicles better with BusinessRiskTV fleet risk solutions.

Pick up latest fleet management news. Learn more about motor fleet risk management solutions. What are the biggest threats to motor fleet management? What opportunities are there to improve fleet management? Network with key fleet risk management business leaders to find better fleet risk solutions.

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Motor Fleet Risk Management Solutions News Opinions and Reviews

Read the latest motor fleet related new headlines opinions and reviews to inform your motor fleet risk management strategy and decision making.

1st February 2020 Know What Thieves Know About Your Cars Before You Buy Or Lease New Ones

Do you know car thieves low hanging fruit option? Catalytic converter theft continues to rise largely from hybrid petrol electric cars. If you think your car theft risk has reduced and rising car insurance premiums as a result of car theft is yesterdays problem think again.

The theft of catalytic converters is a major problem for insurers and vehicle owners. The short term effect of catalytic converter theft is inconvenience. The medium term effect is loaded insurance premiums. The long term effect of catalytic converter theft is falling resale values of vehicles with catalytic converters.

Vehicle thieves can steal catalytic converters from under the vehicle in just a few minutes and is very low risk to them. Once they steal a catalytic converter they know it will quickly be replaced under insurance cover. The thieves return for another payday! Second catalytic converter stolen.

The vehicle thieves are after the valuable materials inside the catalytic converter including rhodium and palladium. Palladium can be sold for thousands of pounds per ounce. Rhodium is worth many multiples per ounce than gold is valued at. You catalytic converter could be worth more than your car!

Theft of catalytic converters is very low risk to thieves and very rewarding. If you have an excess on your vehicle insurance the uninsured cost of catalytic converter theft is going to hit your business quickly and repeatedly. You insurance premiums are going to rise. The purchasing or leasing policy of your fleet may need revision until manufacturers stop making it easy for thieves to earn 500 pounds every month!

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Practical advice guidance and fleet risk management services to control  risks from exposure to fleet vehicles grey fleet vehicles and driving at work risks.

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What is fleet risk management?

Fleet  driver risk management and vehicle motor fleet risk management will help all employees driving your vehicles on behalf of your business do so safely and cost efficiently.

Motor fleet risk management solutions and fleet risk services to protect and grow your core business

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Are you responsible for managing fleet risks?

Some CEOs have threatened the performance bonuses of all employees if the fleet risk costs insurable and uninsurable are reduced. If your fleet risk goes wrong it can take a lot of time and money to put it right so keeping a review of your fleet risk should be worthwhile for your business or enterprise.

Some fleet risk management services may help to keep you on the right road!

  • Fleet Driver Training Theory
  • Fleet Driver Training Practical Assessment
  • Fleet Driver Training Skills Renewal
  • Fleet Driver Training Behaviourial Awareness
  • Fleet Risk Management Workshops
  • Fleet Risk Assessment and  Fleet Risk Management Audit
  • Fleet Risk Management Solutions
  • Fleet Risk Analysis
  • Virtual Fleet Risk Manager
  • Driver Assessor Training
  • Classroom Safety Training
  • Fleet Policy, Procedures and Handbook
  • Post-accident Investigation Procedures and Processes

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What could reduce or increase occupational road risk for drivers and employers.


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