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Hopefully not all the effects of the coronavirus pandemic will ever be over. The pandemic has given the world a stop clock to look at life in business in other ways. Hopefully a vaccine will be developed to stop people dying but we have been given a once in a century opportunity to change for the better.

Global impact of coronavirus on global economy
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We may actually need more than one vaccine

Covid19 should really morph into something less or more deadly to survive and prosper so wherever we are we are a long way from returning to normal.

Instead of returning to normal and life in business being forever harder it could be easier and better.


It is looking more likely that our leaders want to get back to business as usual not Business 2.1. This is understandable in terms of the complexity of getting over the worst of the pandemic. However all disasters present opportunities to change to transform into a better version of life in business.

For example around 40 percent of people in UK are still working from home compared to prepandemic rate of around 12 percent. One effect of this is to increase cost of working in short term but could it mean reduced costs of working in long term. Was it really necessary for so many people to commute to an office to work?

If the new normal postpandemic was 20 percent working from home it would mean the rest would commute every day as if it was the school holidays. Imagine how much easier that would be for all workers speed of distribution and the environment.

However that would destroy the value of many office blocks and some investments. Many of the UKs biggest property funds are frozen stopping investors withdrawing funds through fear the funds would collapse. How do you value assets post pandemic if people totally change their way of working.

How will retail recover? Will the High Street ever recover? Most retail experts feel that the world of retail may have changed forever. The virus may have turbo charged what was changing anyway but retailers and property valuations have now changed dramatically if society has changed irreversibly.

Our pension funds are no longer based on assets that are the same value. Will the value recover? It will but it will recover by basing investments in underlying assets fit for the purpose of the future not the past.

We may create a vaccine or vaccines for Covid19 and any morphed versions thereof. However if we are determined the impact of the virus will never be over. In a good way!

Could business leaders:

  1. Continue to offer takeaway services or do deliveries from their restaurants?
  2. Manufacture different products in addition to their core business products?
  3. Maintain and hold on to local suppliers instead of using overseas suppliers in diversification of supply chain lines?
  4. Explore online sales development to be more profitable?
  5. Hold on to cost cutting measures to grow profit?

So much good and bad will flow from the pandemic. It is important not to miss out on the good as well has mitigate the bad. What opportunities and threats are in front of you will depend on your industry and perhaps location.

Now is the time to take the best strategic risk management decisions to come out of the coronavirus pandemic stronger than when you went into it

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