Unexpected disasters can be an opportunity to grow fast

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Can a disaster be a good thing for my business

Making the most of unexpected disasters. Make the most of disasters. No one asks for a disaster to hit their business but when one comes along look for the opportunities that come with it. If you do this as part of business continuity planning you can come out of the disaster quicker stronger and more resilient.

16th March 2020 Inspiration Healthcare Group Secures Massive Order To Supply Ventilators To NHS

Inspiration Healthcare secures its biggest ever order due to coronavirus pandemic and the coming lack of ventilators to treat the number of people expected to need such specialist equipment.

A disaster can be an opportunity to grow if you change your mindset.


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how to reduce uncertainty in business
How to reduce uncertainty in business with BusinessRiskTV

Many businesses are not going to survive the coronavirus pandemic

One disaster in focus is the coronavirus pandemic. Many people do not realise how bad this is going to get. Countries like the UK and USA have yet to experience the full force of the COVID19 pandemic in terms of deaths. Our leaders are being very coy about the expected deaths and economic consequences. Both are going to be catastrophic. Families and economies are going to be decimated.

Guidelines For Covid-19 UK
Guidelines For Covid-19 and Risk Management Controls Updates

However the current pandemic is just one example of how businesses must be prepared to work from major risk events. To come out the other side of a significant risk event takes prior planning luck and hard work. You can control two out of the three and hope that this makes your own luck!

To come out the other side of major risk event stronger includes being ready to seize new business opportunities as well as mitigate downside risk impact.

You may be able to bring forward future planning as result of risk event. If you have a major fire then do not just build what you had before. Bring forward better ways of working that you may have planned for 5 years time prior to risk event.

Take the coronavirus. Your business may discover that out of the bad there are better ways of working you did not have time to evaluate. Having been forced to introduce the new ways of working due to virus you may find you need to make permanent changes.

  • Ways of working introduced to try to survive coronavirus may be ways of working that are more cost effective in non crisis operations. Working from home is not a panacea but it does create many environmental social and economic benefits to workers and businesses.
  • Competitors how are not resilient as your business may not survive crisis. This may allow you to change pricing or provide opportunity to introduce new marketing campaign to mop up their customers.
  • You products or services may simply be more in demand after the crisis than before it. Attitudes of business buyers and consumers will change during and after the crisis. Your business maybe well positioned to take advantage of change of attitude to sell more and grow your business faster. Retailers with online presence are struggling to keep up with orders which may mean those without online ordering and deliver service are going to miss out now and will when coronavirus is more under control.

There is nothing morally bad about making the most of a bad situation. If you survive a crisis you have the right to explore a new way of working that will benefit both your business consumers and society.

Many great inventions or innovations have been introduced and transformed life and business due to mistakes. Some new drugs and products were discovered when the inventor or developer was trying to achieve something totally different from what transpired as brilliance.

Necessity is the mother of invention


When forced into an existential situation it is human nature to fight to survive. There will always be risk events that threaten survival in business. Sometimes they risk event may be located on one business. On rare occasions a risk event threats whole business systems of working.

Around every 10 years business leaders should expect a financial crisis that threatens business survival. It is almost impossible to know how the financial crisis will arise. The cause of the risk event that creates the crisis is less important than the resilience to overcome the impact on your business.

Th last financial crisis was 2008. May countries in Europe have still not recovered from the 200 financial crisis never mind businesses. In some ways the financial crisis from the coronavirus is overdue. It is a couple of years late!

The point is that if you are in business for the long haul then you need to be prepared for at least one financial crisis every 10 years. In between you need to be ready for your own individual crisis’s that pop up just for your business.

Learning opportunities from a crisis

Major risk events are perhaps alarmingly more frequent than one expects. Rather than being overly alarmed maybe the best thing to do is learn from risk events. Take the good from the bad to improve future business performance.

Do not press the panic button
Do not press the panic button

We can also learn from other businesses who make mistakes on our behalf! If they suffer find out what they did wrong learn from their mistakes and make sure your business does not suffer the same consequences.

More than that find out what lessons other business leaders have learned from their past mistakes or negative risk events

Sharing bad experiences allows the herd to be better protected! Sharing successes helps the herd to join in on the success for faster growth and speedier progress.

Mutually Beneficial Business Partnership
Power Of Collaboration In Business Development

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Unexpected disasters can be an opportunity to grow fast BusinessRiskTV

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