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Our future is here. We need to invest hard cash into the money innovative ideas that are just seedlings. In addition we need to invest money on old ideas that have legs but no backers. There are enormous opportunities for business and economic growth. Trouble is that we are still trying to make the obsolete ideas work for us now.

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Global manufacturing has hit the buffers. There has been a rapid contraction of global manufacturing output largely due to global trade war between China and USA as well as Brexit uncertainty. Manufacturers have cut back on production and are making workers redundant.

Some parts of the world like USA Germany and UK have low unemployment levels and could cope with job losses but most of Europe cannot. Europe ha snot recovered the jobs lost in the last financial crisis.

Even in America USA manufacturers are suffering. Who is winning the trade war is unclear but it seems that there are two losers rather than one winner.

In the UK and broader European manufacturing marketplace manufacturers are suffering the double whammy of global slowdown and Brexit uncertainty. There could be two losers here too if they politicians do not agree a deal.

The world is seeing low levels of business activity not witnessed since the last recession in 2008 caused factories to shut up shop.

The global and UK manufacturing marketplaces are grinding to a halt. The solution is not to button down the hatches to weather the growing global economic storm. The solution is to invest in real opportunities for business growth we already have before us.

Businesses say that their biggest fear is of governments overspending. Borrowing to cover day to day expenses is the start of a slippery slope to perpetual poverty. UK governments borrowing to invest in infrastructure will support businesses to grow faster.

It is ridiculous that all parts of the UK do not have superfast broadband. So many opportunities could open up if this simple technology was available to all entrepreneurs.

Instead the world is shutting up shop. There is no shortage of great ideas. There is a shortage of money being invested in our future today.

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Invest In Old Ideas and New

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