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Adversity is the mother of invention. Adversity and success have a close working relationship. However it does not have to be your business that suffers the business adversity. A strong business has a developed and tested business continuity plan BCP. The BCP will not only help you to maintain your business to survive adversity but it will help you identify ways to bring forward business improvements or seize new business opportunities.

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Thinking More Creatively With BusinessRiskTV
Thinking More Creatively With BusinessRiskTV

Why is adversity important?

Necessity is the mother of invention. If you have to find a new solution for your business you will find it. Human beings are very clever. Much more intelligent than we realise. However adversity can unveil otherwise hidden abilities to do things better than before adversity hit.

Entrepreneurs and business leaders who overcome adversity

Top entrepreneurs and business leaders quickly identify and exploit opportunities from adversity. The adversity suffered maybe that of your competitors rather than your own business.

Sometimes benefiting from adversity comes from increased demand. Private jet hire cannot cope with current demand due to the coronavirus or Covid19. Thousands of people have died and many tens of thousands have been infected most in China. Commercial airlines like British Airways stopped flying into or out of China due to coronavirus outbreak. Many cannot or do not want to book a flight out of China. Many do not want to fly anywhere with other people they do not know. The result for private jet hire companies is more demand than they can supply. This will boost private jet hire revenue and profit.

The opportunity to grow from adversity is mainly about the change of demand potentially with a reduction in supply. Sometimes profiting from adversity just comes from a reduction in supply. The collapse of a business in your industry may mean you then have the opportunity to sell more and sell more profitably. Thomas Cook holiday and travel business collapsed in September 2019. Many people lost their jobs but many were subsequently taken on by Hays Travel who massively expanded their business within just a few months. TUI travel business had its best month in January 2020. Other holiday and travel related businesses have massively grown on the back of the collapse of Thomas Cook.

The key is to protect your business with a business continuity plan and to be dynamic enough to be prepared to capitalise on potential shifts for demand for your type of business. This includes being very clear on where you want your business to be in x years time and how you could get there. If you know where you are going you can perhaps more easily bring forward your business development plans in the event of a significant risk event not affecting your business directly.

How to overcome adversity with BusinessRiskTV

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27th February 2020 Coronavirus COVID19 Continues To Boost Some Businesses and Kill Others

The coronavirus COVID19 is boosting sales of disinfectants. Massive consumer goods giant Reckitt Benckiser has reported increased sales of its Dettol disinfectant wipes and Lysol cleaning products. However it is uncertain whether disinfectants like Dettol and Lysol can help prevent the spread of COVID19. It is unclear whether the virus can survive on hard surfaces where disinfectant products would be used.

  • A UK manufacturer of one metal bit in face mask has doubled its output to keep up with demand.
  • People in Hong Kong have actually robbed a store of toilet rolls.
  • The price of hand sanitisers in Italy have jumped.

There are always winners and losers in business when disaster strikes. The key is to be able to rock and roll with the punches to still survive and even prosper.

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Turning business adversity into success BusinessRiskTV

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