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2nd July 2020 It is your duty to spend money to save UK jobs and the economy which pays for public services

It is your duty to spend money to save UK jobs and the economy which pays for public services

Thousands of jobs are disappearing from holiday and travel industry.

For each plane manufacturing job around 3 other jobs are lost in supply chain. Thousands of jobs are going in hospitality as people are not spending money to justify job retention. Thousands of jobs are going in retail as people are not spending money on the High Street. Not everybody but many have stashed away cash during the coronavirus pandemic. Now is the time to spend that cash.

The way to save the NHS is no longer to hunker down in your home to protect yourself from the virus. The way to save the NHS and all public services looking after the vulnerable is to go on a cheap holiday and buy cheap summer gear to make yourself feel better after an horrific four months. If you do this people in the holiday travel retail and hospitality industry will clap for you and the NHS as more people will be in employment pay taxes and fund education healthcare and social care not just now but for decades.

According to most recent surveys by Public Health England for every 2000 people you come into contact with only 1 person will have the coronavirus. Only one person in every two thousand people in England has the virus. That contact needs to be for about 15 minutes. Are we going to shut down the whole of UK business and economy for that level of risk?


Many holiday businesses in the UK will be open to welcome you for a great holiday in the UK. If they take suitable coronavirus risk management controls you are highly unlikely to catch the virus on holiday.

There are increasing reports that the quarantine rules on people returning to UK are largely going to be lifted. This means you can holiday overseas and when you return you will not have to quarantine for any period of time. Certainly Spain France and Greece will be in this category but it is increasingly likely that most countries will have quarantine rules lifted or air corridors installed to eliminate need to quarantine on return to UK.

The UK death rate has now returned to normal for this time of year. Many other countries have the pandemic even more under control than the UK so it is arguably safer in many overseas countries. Nothing in life is risk free and the money to fund NHS comes from taxes on working people and businesses. If we do not support people in key industries like we supported the NHS there will be no NHS services when we need them most.

Many thousands of people are now leaving school and university this summer. Where will they get a job if thousands of businesses close down? We slept walked into this pandemic. Waiting for someone else to turn things round for us is not going to cut it.

Taking responsibility for the economic recovery from pandemic is even more important than taking responsibility for bringing the spread of the virus under control. Children need to be educated. People need to work and businesses need the UK consumer to dig them out of a very deep economic hole. The ill health and early deaths that will come from busted UK economy will act like a tsunami compared to the virus wave and last much longer. Decades. Lifetimes.

10th June 2020 UK Government Looking Into International Travel Corridors Between UK and Countries With Low Coronavirus Infection Rates and Strong Healthcare Systems

An agreement on international corridors would avoid the need for quarantine for travellers between the two countries and facilitate more international holidays.

Portugal Italy and Greece are just 3 countries often visited by British holidaymakers.

United Nations World Tourism Organisation UNWTO has issued guidelines on how to restart worldwide tourism. Safety measures include health checks increased cleaning hand sanitisation and temperature scans at airports as well as increased cleaning and hand sanitisation.

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