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BusinessRiskTV Collaborative Business Solutions. Do you want to create more time for your business to grow faster with less uncertainty? Faced with a small budget for business protection and growth would you choose an online group session with other business leaders to save time and money? It is an idea some business leaders are investigating

Group online sessions solve common business problems faster and gives business leaders chance to collaborate with other business leaders with same attitude to business development and protection.


Demand on business leaders time outweighs time available to manage all business risks cost effectively. In recent years the speed of change in the business environment has accelerated putting increased pressures on business leaders wearing many business responsibility hats.

In addition many businesses have complex business systems and business needs which can make finding the best business solutions more difficult to identify.

The traditional one to one business consultation can be prohibitively expensive and the business problem can seem unique when in fact it affects many businesses.

With limited risk management funding or possibility of employing inhouse risk management expert specialists business leaders may need to find innovative ways to find best business solutions quickly within available budget.

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Business leaders collaborating on solving business problems together faster and cheaper

Many businesses have the same need for commercial insurance cover and other solutions to protect the business that do not involve insurance. Most if not all business want to increase their opportunities to sell more and increase profitability. Business leaders may seek advice from risk management experts independently to advise on managing such business risks.

Instead of seeing a risk management consultant or business adviser on your own you could get together with a group of other business leaders needing to discuss the same business problems.

If a group of up to 10 business leaders came together with the same business problems could they share experiences to solve risk management problems faster and potentially cheaper?


BusinessRiskTV risk management network partners facilitate online business leader meetings. The risk management facilitator gathers together business leaders with the same or similar business problems problems before the online meetings. The risk management facilitator also compiles a list of questions the participating business leaders want to ask the group that will include attending and participating risk management experts.

The collaborative group of business leaders and risk management experts will know the business problems to be focused on and details of the businesses involved in the online discussion ahead of the online meeting. This will enable attendees to be aware of the potential value of the meeting to them and prepare for the meeting. The participants in the online problem solving meeting must not only prepare to solve their business problems but must be prepared to help share solutions to help other attendees problems.

Sharing problems and helping solve others problems is the purpose of the meeting.


The problem solving group may well discuss sensitive issues. This does not need to constrain those attending. Trust quickly develops as participants quickly realise they are not alone with their business problem and that they are talking to people who have already solved their problem. You create a bond with your fellow business leaders. The more you open up the more you get out of the meeting for your business. The sharing of experiences with other business leaders can be empowering.

The aim of the collaborative online meetings is to quickly find solutions to business problems to save time and money for the participants. Participants access more practical problem solving information that has worked already. The meetings help business leaders to more cost effectively use their own time and resources in solving their business problems and the business problems of others. As they are common problems experienced by all those attending then common solutions that actually work well will come to light without the need for discussion duplication.

You may prefer a one to one meeting with a business risk management consultant if you have the budget. However why reinvent the wheel. Other business leaders have solved your business problem already. Tap into their experience to solve your business problems quicker and potentially cheaper.

Collaborative business problem solving online meetings are for business leaders who already know what their business problems are. They just want to know the solutions quickly so they can go off and implement them for themselves and their business.


It is unlikely that people will attending the meeting will diagnose the problem that is holding your business back. That is not the purpose of the online meetings. You identify what your business risks are and come to the meeting to find risk management solutions or ideas that have worked and could work for your business.

There are measures in place to ensure the confidentiality of information shared within the group and you can see one of our risk management experts from our risk management network on an online one to one appointment who will have seen your business problem before. However collaborative group sessions can quickly overcome barriers to your business growth and a valuable peer support network.

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BusinessRiskTV Shared Problems Shared Solutions Collaborative Meetings

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