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What Is Gap Analysis

Understanding your business risk profile is an important step to making better risk based business management decisions. Identify the threats and opportunities your business faces now or will do in future. Assess the risks of this uncertainty to your business objectives. Your resulting business risk profile will help you make better business decisions. Focus your limited business resources on the risks which will bring you greatest reward of business resilience and business growth.

Business Risk Assessment
Enterprise Wide Risk Assessment For Faster Business Growth With Best Use Of Business Assets

Profiling your business risks will help you to stop wasting time and money. You can also use your business risk profile to monitor the impact or lack of impact on your business performance.

Prepare for and manage key business risks your business faces today and tomorrow. Learn from past business risk management events your business experienced or other businesses experienced so you do not have to.

Make sure all your employees know your critical business risks. Create a more effective business risk management framework to allocate responsibilities and accountability for managing business risks.

Your business risk profile should not be a one off exercise. It should not just sit in a file with a to do list ticked. Use your own business risk to mitigate potential threats and maximise business development opportunities. Holistically manage the whole business with the best use of available existing business resources.

Enterprise risk management methodology should be applied to strategic operational and project uncertainties. Inform your decision making process with the whole picture not just part.

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