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Structure management meetings to make real decisions. Make progress do not maintain status quo. Move your business forward with a meeting. Make sure your decision making meeting works well for your business.

Having too many meetings decreases productivity. A boost to productivity can be facilitated by reducing the number of meetings and making each one held more venues for better decision making. Manage meeting process better and keep meetings short.

Academics from the University of Malmo in Sweden say meetings provide an outlet for people at work to show off their status or to express frustration.

BBC Report

Managers should have clearly defined roles and accountability that they have agreed to and these should be directly linked with the strategic operational and project objectives of the business.

Just because you have manager in your job title does not mean the best thing for the business is to be in meetings constantly. Especially if at the end of a meeting not decision has been taken on the subject of the meeting.

However the BBC report says that the professor things meetings are good because they allow the business to assert power and direction over those attending the meeting. Surely meetings should be about engaging all those attending the meeting in solving a specific problem or problems the meeting has been called to address. Address means there must be decisions taken on how to resolve the issues raised otherwise they are just talking shops and can actually be more destructive than constructive.

If dissatisfaction with the business is to be allowed it should be in the understanding that you bring a solution to the problem you are complaining about not just a problem.

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Effective meetings can produce better business decisions. Not all decisions made at a meeting will be good decisions. Having decided a meeting is needed make sure the potential benefit from the meeting is not missed.

  • Make sure ever attendee properly prepares for the meeting. Make sure what decision needs to be made is clear before the meeting and what is expected from attendees.
  • Make sure it is clear that people are attending not to talk about the problem but to make a decision on a specific issue.
  • There maybe more than one option to consider and decide on the best decision. Make sure the options are clear before the meeting.
  • Make sure there is a written meeting agenda and a clear idea of what decisions are needed. Make sure all attendees are suitable informed about the meeting subject matter. Send out agenda before meeting.

Holding short meetings are better than long ones. Shorter meetings should help focus minds on the key issues at hand. Short meetings can focus the energy in the room on finding business solutions not issuing direction or showcasing managerial power.

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