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Adopting a more risk based approach to business decision making can improve your business performance. Reduce the impact of uncertainty on your business objectives. Mitigate threats. Seize and capitalise on new business development opportunities. Reduce the likelihood of unwelcome risk events or mitigate the impact on your business. Increase the chances of securing business growth and maximise the return of your investment of time and money.

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About Improve Risk Management Workshop Identifying and Improving Business Risks Workshop

Our first Risk Management Toolbox Talk explored Failure To Manage Enterprise Risks Vs Failure Of Risk Managers. All risk managers can fail to manage enterprise risks but that does not mean all risk managers are failures.

Assuming you have taken responsibility for managing your business risks you may now want to understand those business risks better? What would be ideal, would be to work further on identifying and improving your business risks so that your business is better protected and more able to grow faster with less uncertainty impacting on your business objectives.

Our ongoing workshops seek to identify common business problems and find quicker cheaper better ways to solve business problems. You will work with like minded people on country risks, industry risks or specific business risks common across the board.

Collectively we can be better at managing business risks? We can easily improve risk management as frankly our business risk management performance has left a lot to be desired. We even fail to learn from past mistakes to manage old risks never mind scan the horizon to proactively manage new business risks.

There is significant room for improvement at society level, at a business level and at an individual level. By sharing risk management knowledge and business intelligence we can help improve each others risk management capability. Improving risk management capability will build business resilience and improve business performance for faster business growth with less uncertainty.

Industry Risk Factors
Exploring Industry Risk Factors Including Emerging and Developing Risk Analysis and Risk Management

This enterprise risk management toolbox talk focuses on identifying business problems that concern you

From there we will break out into focused risk management working parties to fully assess business risks and find better practical business risk management solutions all participants will be able to takeaway to embed in their own business. Future Risk Management Think Tank toolbox talks will be streamed into working groups focused on overcoming their barriers to better risk management in their specific areas of interest.

Learn how to make better business decisions to build business resilience and boost business performance. Because your time is so valuable we will complete Improve Risk Management Workshop in no more than 30 minutes. Those looking for innovative ways to solve business problems will have more opportunities at later online workshops.

Title: Improve Risk Management Workshop Identifying and Improving Business Risks
Date: Friday, 5th February 2021
Time: 5:00-5:30 p.m. GMT
Host: Keith Lewis, BusinessRiskTV

Better Risk Management with BusinessRiskTV
Better Risk Management with BusinessRiskTV. CLICK HERE or email
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Infectious disease limiting or stopping business activity
Infectious disease risk assessment
Lets Assess The Risk From Infectious Diseases
Enterprise-wide risk assessment template
Enterprise Wide Risk Assessment Matrix

In this enterprise risk management toolbox talk we will ask you to contribute fully to:

● Identify the key threats and opportunities facing businesses
● Describe the likelihood and impact of the threat or opportunity on a business
● Suggest possible risk management controls you wish to explore further

What would cause your key threats or opportunities to materialise? Why would this happen? What are the underlying causes which could trigger the unwelcome or desired risk event? If your worst fears or great expectations were to happen, what would be the consequences for your business or industry? What would be the effect on your business objectives in short and long term?

Save the date to improve your business risk management to boost your business resilience and performance.

Risk Management Think Tank and Keith Lewis is inviting you to our scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: Risk Management Think Tank Improve Risk Management Workshop
Time: Feb 5, 2021 05:00 PM GMT

To Join via Zoom App Meeting ID: 725 9524 6151 and Passcode: 7TcBjJ

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Participants can also put themselves forward as business risk experts at future more advanced online workshop events to share your expert business knowledge and promote their business interests

Are you a risk management expert in your country, industry or specific risk topic? Get in touch with us if this is you.

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Improve Risk Management Workshop