Identify potential risk events that could be damaging and develop strategies to mitigate them

BusinessRiskTV Risk Management Process

Do not panic! Think about and implement new strategies to reduce negative risks to your business. Be better prepared for downside risks. Discover fresh ideas to tackle risk management challenges.

Risk events can destroy a business strategy. Best laid plans … Managing business risks is crucial to maximise business performance. How do you identify and mitigate strategic operational and project risks?

How To Manage Risk In Business

Analyse the risk so you can decide on its importance in relation to your business objectives.

Prioritise your available business resources to tackle the key business risks for the best return on your risk management time and money.

Assign responsibility for each key risk to your senior management team members. If no one is going to be held account for failure to manage key risks then there will be insufficient consideration of the risk.

Monitor and review your key business risks and effectiveness of associated risk management measures. If the net risk rises then you may need to make changes to you risk management plan. If the net risk reduces you may assign less management time to controlling it but still allocate responsibility for controlling the risk to a key senior management team member.

Risk Identification

Identify potential problems that could cause your business trouble. The business risk can be an event or it can be a condition like changing business environment.

Risk Mitigation

Design a risk mitigation plan eliminate or minimise the impact of the risk on your business objectives. After evaluating the risk pick a risk mitigation strategy that avoids reduces or transfers the risk. Alternatively accept the risk as part and parcel of achieving business objectives.

Select and commit business resources required for specific risk mitigation strategies.


Seek out guidance on how to identify the risks your business may face. Understand how to respond to risk events. Put new risk management systems in place to deal with the risks cost effectively.

Learn how to develop a risk management plan to protect your business. Find ways to minimise business risks with a new risk management strategy and approach for managing.

Reduce not only the likelihood of an event occurring but also the potential impact. Make sure you also consider the opportunities to grow your business when determining how best to manage risks.

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Identify potential risk events that could be damaging and develo
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BusinessRiskTV Identify potential risk events that could be damaging and develop strategies to mitigate them

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