Uncertainty of international trade expanding or contracting impacting on your business objectives

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Barriers To International Trade

What could cause the opening or closing international trade marketplace? The closing or opening of international trade to your business is perhaps at a recent high level of uncertainty. What elements of international trade threaten your business? What events could open up new opportunities to your business? How do you manage the risks better? Mitigate the threats impacting on your business success. Enhance the beneficial outcomes for your business of international trade.

Risk Management Toolbox Talk Exploring Barriers To And Opportunities From International Trade

Northern Powerhouse Risk Management Online Seminars

Online workshop is an introduction to BusinessRiskTV online risk management service to help business leaders make key business decisions to manage threats and opportunities better.

The opening or closing of international marketplace to all who wish to participate is a moving feast. Changes in threats and opportunities can arise based on sudden economic, geopolitical and technology risks in particular.

Managing risks from international trade may be limited to mitigating threats, or harnessing and enhancing the benefits from international trade. It may be impossible to influence whether risk events occur or not. However, exploring the threats and opportunities may be critical to your business success.

Being the first mover may be just as important. The first businesses to act tend to carry the greatest risks and rewards. If you are to act first you may need help from risk experts to improve your business intelligence and international trade risk knowledge.

Benefits include:

  • Limiting losses
  • Maximising sales profit
  • Grow faster with less uncertainty

Opening the enterprise risk management process of identifying analysing and assessing to international trade risks. Working on overcoming international trade barriers. Exploring a risk profile of a company and international trade risks. Developing an enterprise risk management implementation road map to stronger business resilience and expansion. Starting to understand how to overcome trade barriers including supply chain risk management. Identifying solutions to international trade problems. Opening the door to further risk workshops with an introduction to international trade risk awareness training and enterprise-wide risk management solutions.

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Who should attend?

Business leaders, business owners, executives and senior managers as well as risk professionals.

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Uncertainty of international trade expanding or contracting
Date:Friday 15th January 2021
Time:5:00 pm – 5:30 pm (GMT)
Speaker:Keith Lewis
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In this this essential risk management toolbox talk we will cover the key international trade risks potentially impacting on your business including:

  • Geopolitical Risks
  • Global Economy Risks
  • Technology Risks

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Northern Powerhouse Risk Management Online Seminars

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As a special offer you will be able to redeem your non-member payment of £20 against your first year’s subscription fee for BusinessRiskTV Pro Risk Manager for 12 months. Membership of BusinessRiskTV opens up Pro Risk Manager service benefits include huge discounts off products and services such as further training, online business coaching and advertising costs. BusinessRiskTV membership provides opportunity to continue corporate risk analysis, assessment and management business intelligence as well as option to collaborate with global risk management experts to improve your ability to manage your business better.

Post introductory online risk management toolbox talk on 15th January 2021, members and non-members of BusinessRiskTV will also be given opportunity to collaborate in future online advanced workshop sessions. These sessions will further explore how business leaders around the world can collaborate specifically on overcoming barriers to international trade, both theory and practice. These advanced workshops sessions will aim to increase international trade by participants. Workshop participants will share expert knowledge and practical business development tools. The introductory online fee will be used to reduce the cost of more advanced sessions by participants.

Participants at introductory online risk management toolbox talk can also put themselves forward as international trade risk experts at future more advanced online workshop events to share your expert knowledge and promote their business interests. Get in touch with us if this is you.

Barriers To International Trade
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Uncertainty of international trade expanding or contracting impacting on your business objectives

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