Should strong business leaders take personal responsibility

Leadership taking responsibility

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In an increasingly litigious and unforgiving society should business leaders take personal responsibility for business mistakes? In previous decades business leaders and politicians were often seen falling on their sword following risk events whether they were personally responsible or not.

However either through fear of legal action or fear of being lynched online or offline leaders now rarely fess up to being to blame. There have been some exceptions but over recent decades leaders have toughed it out or doubled up on their mistakes.

It was on my watch so I am responsible


Is the fear of blame or blame culture led us to the position that we are failing to learn from mistakes?

Regardless of the cause there is a definite change in the honour or moral standing of our leaders. Leaders who make mistakes have to be brought screaming and shouting to be held to account when mistakes happen. More often than not they are then retired early literally or metaphorically to avoid personal accountability.

Many people respect people who make mistakes more if they take responsibility for mistakes. To err is human after all even when it is a computer fault!

Would it not be better if our leaders accept responsibility for mistakes and then created a written plan to avoid making the same mistakes again in future

Does a business organisation or political party not lose the opportunity to truly learn from mistakes made if the leaders are immediately jettisoned following mistakes. Leaders voluntarily stepping down following mistakes or failures are actually taking the easy way out for themselves not necessarily the business.

Why do our leaders not clear up their own mess more often?


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Should strong business leaders take personal responsibility

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BusinessRiskTV Should strong business leaders take personal responsibility

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