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21st December 2018 Malaysia Wants Compensation From Goldman Sachs

Malaysia wants 7.5 billion dollars in compensation from Goldman Sachs Group Inc for its role in the the scandal surrounding Malaysias state fund 1MDB according to reports in the Financial Times citing the countrys finance minister.

7th June 2018 Malaysian Government Fuel Subsidy

Malaysian government to use 3 billion ringgit fuel subsidy to try to cap effect of rising fuel prices in Malaysia. Consumers in Malaysia will welcome help with living costs but market intervention often ends in tears.

8th March 2018 Malaysia Says EU Palm Oil Curbs Could Affect France

Malaysia is reported as saying that the European Unions decision to curb imports of palm oil could impact France’s hopes of securing a fighter jet deal with Malaysia.

7th March 2018 Key Interest Rate Unchanged At 3.25 Percent

Malaysia’s central bank holds interest rate today on back of slower price inflation assuming inflation has been moderating.

Malaysia’s economic growth in 2017 was 5.9 percent, one of the fastest growing country’s in the world.

26th February 2018 Malaysia January Inflation Slows

Reuters poll suggests Malaysias inflation rate has reduced for first time in nearly a year to 2.9 percent. Inflation had moderated from an 8 year high of 5.1 percent in March 2017 but got stuck at around the 3 percent level. The last time inflation was below 3 percent was December 2016.

The reduction in inflation may be aided by Malaysia’s first interest rate rise in January for three and a half years. Pushing up interest rates tends to be deflationary as people and businesses pay more on credit and have less to spend on themselves.

Official Malaysian government inflation figures were supposed to have been published on 21st February but haven’t been published without any explanation.

4th January 2018 Malaysias November Export Growth 13.9 Percent

According to a Reuters poll of economists Malaysia’s exports in November are expected to grow at slower annual rate than previous month.

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