Do you fear losing what you have created instead of valuing what you might gain from taking more risk?

How to overcome loss aversion with

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Fear of loss often beats the desire to gain more. Fearing losing everything you have built is natural human reaction. However is your fear getting in the way of seizing new business opportunities? Keep innovating and growing with less uncertainty with BusinessRiskTV.

Develop a holistic risk management culture to drive your business forward. Up your risk appetite to achieve more with more controlled balanced risk taking.

Develop a more assured risk management framework and risk assessment process to match your risk culture. Make sure your risk taking remains within your risk tolerance.

Do you have loss aversion bias in decision making?

Business leaders who are loss averse feel the pain of loss much greater that any joy from any gains from decisions made. They make strategic business decisions accordingly. The risk culture of the business models the loss aversion bias of the business leader.

If this works well for your business you should continue with status quo. However if you would like to experience faster business growth you may need to take more calculated risks.

Loss aversion refers to the tendency to prefer avoiding losses to acquiring equivalent gains. It is better for you to not lose 10000 pounds than to make 10000 pounds in business. 


However most entrepreneurs and many business leaders are in their position to better themselves. If you mitigate the potential losses from taking more risks and manage the risks to maximise the return on your investment you should end up with faster growth with less uncertainty.

It is more common in people who are not entrepreneurs or business leaders to be biased against taking risks. Loss aversion is a reflection of a general bias in human psychology. People tend to want to stick with what they know than make changes that might not work well. People in general are resistant to change. When presented with the potential benefits of change they focus more on what might be lost rather than on what can be gained.

  • What is your business risk tolerance? If you can make changes to try to grow faster that if do not work fall within your risk tolerance would you take more risk?
  • If you adopted small changes rather than one big radical all eggs in one basket change would you feel more comfortable? Spreading your faster business growth changes across a few new ideas may be better for your business. When you know which one of the new changes works best perhaps then you can focus on one new idea.
  • Do not confuse more risk taking in business with gambling. Taking calculated risks to grow faster is about assessing and then managing the risks before you action more risk taking. You can mitigate the threats from more risk as well as maximise the returns from taking more risks.

Few things in business life are guaranteed other than taxes! Even maintaining the status quo comes with the threat of business failure. Kodack photography business was once one of the most successful businesses in the world. How many Kodack films do you buy for your camera now!

The desire to avoid business losses is motivated by fear. The more a business leader fears losses the more likely he or she is to be loss averse and the more likely they are to be disinclined to make changes to their business to be more successful. Having a better understanding of the risks that could be taken to achieve more will make loss averse business leaders more comfortable with changing the the business.

Often the perception of risks and reward are skewed to the belief that you are doomed to fail which means you do not make changes to the business. By the same token it is important that all stakeholders in the business are involved in assessing risks from changes to business. Business leaders who do like taking risks can miss the pitfalls to mitigate against whilst making changes that can cause the change project fail even if it was a great idea.

With a little input and engagement from all levels of the organisation your project to grow faster is more likely to be a success. Take risks that are worth taking which are achievable with everyone onboard.


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Do you fear losing what you have created instead of valuing what

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Do you fear losing what you have created instead of valuing what you might gain from taking more risk? BusinessRiskTV

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