Safety and Risk Assessment Lessons From Tragic Fatal Train Accident in UK

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A rail firm has been fined 1 million pounds following fatal accident on a train in UK after victim died leaning out of a train window.

The tragic victim died when he hit his head on a steel gantry whilst travelling on Gatwick Express in London.

Govia Thameslink Railway admitted a health and safety breach because a sign saying not to lean out was not displayed clearly enough.


The judge said that although there were signs on the door warning of risk of leaning out of window they were unclear due to presence of other warning signs on the door. There had been no risk assessment of the windows on the doors of the trains.

The lesson does not just apply to train operators. Warning signs will not protect businesses particularly when the safety message is jumbled amongst other signs.

The fine may well have been reduced due to the admission of guilt on the part of the train operator.

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