Poor mental health is costing British businesses billions

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Analysis is consistent. Mental illness and failure to manage it is costing UK business and economy billions of pounds. The cost of ignoring mental health issues in the workplace in the UK far exceeds accidents in the workplace yet businesses in UK fail to manage mental wellbeing well. The estimated cost of not managing mental health ranges from 46 billion to more than 100 billion depending on which report you look at.

Poor employee mental health is costing UK companies up to £45 billion a year and the costs continue to rise each year

Deloitte Report 2020

Ill mental health is costing your business money and lost opportunities

How much does poor mental health cost your business? How can your business take action to help your employees and build business resilience. Stress depression and anxiety has in past been a hidden or ignored business risk. Increasingly it is recognised that tackling mental health issues better can improve the performance of businesses.

There are estimates that nearly 100 million workdays are lost in the UK each year due to symptoms of mental illness.


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Poor mental health is costing British businesses billions

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BusinessRiskTV Poor mental health is costing British businesses billions

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