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How can women get into business? What are the barriers and how does a woman overcome obstacles? Network with your peers and business risk management professionals to progress your career or set up or develop a business.

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2nd October 2019 UKs Top 100 Most Successful Businesswomen Launch Campaign To Close Gender Pay Gap.

New #MeTooPay initiative supported by the UKs highest placed businesswomen. This includes #MeTooPay website and social media campaign to keep the gender pay gap in the spotlight.

8th July 2017 Loan Programme For Women Entrepreneurs

The World Bank has launched a public private loan programme to encourage more women entrepreneurs in developing countries.

The fund has received funding in excess of 300 million dollars for projects to build businesses run by women in some of the poorest countrys in the world.

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How Life Changes When You Exude Confidence https://t.co/8DhWWd7xa8 #womenentrepreneurship #WomensChampion #WomeninBusiness #women

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How mums are sacrificing thousands to look after their children https://t.co/2CSxscj4h5 #womeninwork #womenatwork #womendirectors

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20th January 2017 Disproportionate Number Of Men Fill The Highest Paid Jobs In UK

Women only fill 12 percent of the highest paid jobs in the UK according to the UK Statistics Authority. What can be done about so few women being employed in high earning jobs?

Some reports suggest time will take care of this gender pay problem. Women are paid more in the age group to 35. As these women grow older, they will fill the posts vacated by retiring men. Not much comfort for older men at work in the UK, but the age of women on top is only a couple of decades away. Having waited this long, maybe that is not too long to wait now.

The UK Statistics Authority 2016 survey put the gender pay gap between full-time workers at 9.4 percent and 18.1 percent between all workers given the greater number of women working part time. Women now represent 23.5 percent of board positions across the FTSE 350 up from 9.5 percent in 2011.

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