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Our global risk mapping provides risk management reports to key business decision makers around the world. BusinessRiskTV risk mapping service helps business leaders identify and prioritise risk management actions to protect business objectives and seize new business development opportunities. Use our Risk Map as a temperature gauge of global and local corporate enterprise risks on a variety of current and emerging business issues.

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Risk Mapping to help inform business leaders

BusinessRiskTV enterprise risk management experts review emerging risks and provide an analysis to inform your business decision making process.

Enterprise risk management good governance and compliance processes and principles exist to assist an organisation to achieve its objectives with less uncertainty.

Good enterprise risk management does not come about on its own or by accident. It requires careful determined commitment enterprise planning monitoring and review.

No organisation has perfect enterprise risk management. Indeed perfection is not really achievable or perhaps even desirable.

Good enterprise risk management must be bought into wholeheartedly by the senior management team. If senior manager do not believe in it no one else will or should.

  • Embedding good enterprise risk management is the responsibility of the senior management team and they should be held accountable for failure of enterprise risk management. Carrots and sticks will work.
  • Ignorance of poor enterprise risk management at senior management and executive level is no excuse. Ignorance of enterprise risk management at lower levels of the organisation is also the fault of senior management executives team.
  • Skin in the game is important at all levels of the organisation. All employees should be clear on what the enterprise is trying to do and how their role is important to manage risks cost effectively.

Starting at the top all employees need to fully understand governance risk and compliance obligations and issues impacting on organisations objectives.

Having responsibility and accountability without the knowledge or resources to discharge them is unfair unproductive and almost guaranteed to fail. All levels of the organisation should work together to ensure success. If senior managers and executives are uncertain how to embed enterprise risk management successfully it is their responsibility to equip themselves adequately to successfully integrate enterprise risk management into normal business operations.

  • Access relevant industry and country risk information
  • Better understand the risks facing the organisation
  • Integrate enterprise risk management into strategic operational and project decision making processes
  • Develop appropriate risk oversight and monitoring
  • Learn from risk experience of your organisation your industry and other similar enterprises.

Enterprise risk management can be used for risk mapping and assessing your current enterprise risks to help you understand better your holistic risk exposure.

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BusinessRiskTV Risk Map provides a visualisation tool for communicating specific global risks critical to the success of the global economy.

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