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6th September 2018 Worlds Largest Windfarm Opens Of Coast Cumbria

Walney Extension covers an area as big as 20000 football pitches to power 600000 homes. Maximum power output from the windfarm is 659 megawatts.

Technological advances means that fewer and fewer wind turbines are needed to produce the same amount of power.

10th July 2018 Lake District Tourism Income Lost Due Fire Damaged Ferry

Local business leaders claim their businesses are suffering due to a lost ferry after a Windermere ferry fire in May. The ferry needs a new engine and will be out of action till October 2018.

The Windermere ferry is the quickest link for motorists to the west side of Windermere lake. The normal ferry service carrys 18 cars and more than 100 passengers. A passenger only ferry currently operates.

9th July 2018 Do Too Many People View The Lake District With A Pound Sign To The Detriment To The Natural Beauty Of The Lake District?

According to Lord Clark of Windermere who successfully campaigned to get World Heritage status for the Lake District too many people view it as a money making venture rather than a place to be conserved.

He is calling for more protection for Lake District landscape and the people of the Lake District rather than zip wires and gondolas.

World Heritage status was awarded to the Lake District on 9 July 2017

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