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Discover ways to prepare for Brexit. Find ways to mitigate threats. Identify business growth opportunities from Brexit.

What are the greatest threats to small businesses from Brexit? What are the opportunities for small businesses from Brexit. Network with small business leaders who want to be fully protected from Brexit and exploit fully the opportunities from Brexit.

Find out how businesses are preparing for Brexit. Learn how to prepare your business for Brexit. Use our Brexit Risk Assessment for Business.

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Small Businesses Brexit Preparation

How can small businesses prepare for Brexit now?

Small businesses in UK do need to protect themselves from Brexit. However, they must also seize the new business development opportunities that are already flowing from Brexit vote in June 2016.

The biggest compnanies in the UK believe in the UK post Brexit and so should SMEs. Dyson is investing £2.5 billion in a new artifical intelligence and robotics centre in the UK. Dyson sells its products around the world including the rest of Europe. If Dyson is prepared to put its money where its mouth is, by investing in the UK for its long term future  then SMEs should not shirk from investing in their future too.

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It is true that the current Brexit uncertainty has dropped the value of the pound through the floor. This has made UK imports more expensive.

Sell More Overseas

Instead of dwelling on the downside of the drop in the value of the pound small businesses should exploit and prepare to exploit Brexit small business opportunities. Huge opportunities for small business growth can arise from a Brexit. Sell more online around the world or within the UK. UK exports are cheaper abroad with every drop in the value of the pound.

Improve UK Supply Lines

In addition to exploring cheaper products from around the world to import to UK instead of just the European Union EU countries small business owners and managers should look around the UK to find a shorter and cheaper supply line from UK companies.

Not only does the shorter supply line take some transportation and delivery risk out of the equation UK supplied products could be more competitively priced.

More competitively price products means more profit for your business with less risk of supply failure.


UK small businesses can protect and grow business faster with the aide from our Brexit Marketplace online. To help small businesses source cheaper products from UK and non European countries we have set up our Brexit Marketplace Online. Buy direct from UK and overseas suppliers to reduce risk of delivery and remove or reduce the currency risk to your business. Find an alternative supplier who will not be affected by Brexit.


How Small Businesses Can Best Protect Business Objectives and Discover New Business Opportunities on BusinessRiskTV

The future is unpredictable. Brexit may yet not happen. If it does, what form of Brexit will we experience and when?

The UK is preparing to leave the European Union EU.   What Brexit risks will threaten your small business survival and prosperity? What opportunities are there for your small business to grow faster from Brexit?

Building business resilience is important, but this must include an exploration of the opportunities from EU post Brexit and what opportunities will there be for small businesses in non-EU countries post Brexit?

Our Brexit Risk panel will help small business leaders to mitigate business threats and develop new opportunities for growth outside the EU. Entrepreneurs risk management experts and academics present their opinions on all aspects of small business risk management in the lead-up to and post Brexit. You have the chance to raise your hand and speak at our live online discussions on Brexit risks.

The series of ongoing half hour online panel discussions will take place to support small business leaders to make the best decisions for their own businesses in the UK. Each discussion will tackle a different small business issue. If your small business has an annual turnover of less than £10 million you can attend these online discussions for free if you subscribe to BusinessRiskTV. Free Subscription Online
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