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When enterprise risk management fails, all business stakeholders suffer the consequences.   Failing to make the most out of investing in a business creates an opportunity cost on money.

Whether you’re a business leader in London wanting to reduce costs, or maximise revenue you can get help here.

  • Our London business leader networking forum offers risk insight into the economy of the marketplace in London.
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Our London Business Risk Forum takes an holistic approach to risk management to ensure your business is more sustainable and more profitable over the long-term.

Are you a key decision-maker in your business selling into the London marketplace ?

London is one of the greatest marketplaces in the world to buy and sell.   Many people and other businesses  will buy from you, if only they know what you have to offer.

Discover the best practices and enterprise risk management approach to strategic, operational and project decision-making.   Embed enterprise risk management ERM to protect your business in London better and grow it faster.

Learn new innovative practical ways to increase sales in your London business or sell more into the London area online.

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Use business risk services including corporate governance, enterprise risk management (ERM) and regulatory compliance (GRC) to improve business productivity and performance.   Target new business customers and consumers in the London area.

Network with other business leaders seeking to grow sales in the London market

Create another way to sell more of your products or services in the London area.   Innovative service to collaborate to sell more profitable into the London market.   If you think you have a great product or service but can’t understand why it isn’t selling more, you could have found a new sales tool to expand your business ambitions or fulfil your business potential.

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Looking for networking events for London?   Pick up ideas to promote your business and get ahead of your competition.   Meet people who want to buy and sell in London area.

Small business networking events for London include our Breakfasting networking events and webinars you can take part in, or listen to, on your PC or mobile device including your tablet or mobile.

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London Business Risk Forum Enterprise Risk Management ERM Training

Managing business enterprise risks better in London to achieve enterprise objectives more easily, with less uncertainty and more confidence.

Identify threats and opportunities to your business in London.   Assess the impact of threats and find out how to exploit London business opportunities more.   Learn how to control corporate risks within your risk tolerance and appetite for risk to boost your business performance.

Find a better way to deal with the complexities of enterprise-wide risk management ERM.   Sign-up for one of our online enterprise risk management ERM workshops or book an inclassroom workshop.

  • Develop ERM risk knowledge and skills required for you and your business in London.
  • Revise your enterprise risk management ERM framework and risk assessment process.
  • Build a new risk-based approach to your strategic, operational and project risks.

Use our enterprise risk management distance learning training or book an inhouse workshop.


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29th January 2018 –

Following on from the UK’s historic EU referendum vote to leave the EU, the divide between leavers and remainers has been steadily growing. It has tested friendships, relationships and workplace cohesion.

Leavers of London is a monthly meetup group where like-minded people who voted Leave in the EU referendum – left and right leaning, can come together to:

See their website for more information.

2nd December 2017 – Improve Decision-Making Process To Make Good Decisions More Often

Successful risk taking requires a more informed decision-making process to reduce the threats to business objectives and ensure that business growth opportunities are not missed, and that the opportunities taken produce the biggest returns possible.

What risks could impact on your London business in 2018?   How will you manage London risk issues?

Access leading London business risk insight and executive training to engage more with potential business customers in London and beyond.

  • What could cause London business growth or decline?
  • What could be the consequences of London business growth or decline on your business?
  • What are you going to do to mitigate threats and increase London business growth in 2018?
  • What supply chains can support London business growth?
  • What tools can be used to better market promote and advertise London sales development?
  • How will support London business club members is exploring how to bring its members in London, or members selling into London area, the biggest rewards from activities.   If you want to explore new ways to grow your London business faster get in touch.

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23rd February 2017 – London Business Leaders Need To Invest In Their Future

A YouGov survey of London business leaders found that two thirds of London big businesses have concerns about attracting staff when Britain leaves the European Union (EU).   Young people could use apprenticeships to get their career started and London businesses need to invest in apprenticeships to help fill skills gaps appearing in future. London Business Risk Management Forum
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