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7th November 2018 Changing Scottish Demographics Threatens Future Scottish Budgets and Economic Growth

Scotlands aging population will impact massively and increasingly in near future according to a Holyrood committee report.

Scotlands working age population will have to work harder to pay for retired people living in Scotland.

The working age population in Scotland is set to fall from 2018 onwards. The number of over 75s who will need to be supported by the dwindling working age population is rising

The committee report suggests the changing demographics in Scotland will reduce Scottish economic growth without changes in technology productivity and immigration.

Worse this demographic risk is set to get higher as the disparity increases from 2021 for decades thereafter.

16th August 2018 Scottish Economy Grew Doubly Fast At Beginning Of Year

The Scottish economy performed much better in the first quarter than expected but annualised growth was still just 1.3 percent. However like the rest of the UK Scotlands economy grows faster in the second half of the year on average.

13th August 2018 Business Activity in Scotland Rose At Strongest Rate Since July 2014

Royal Bank of Scotlands latest PMI survey reports a big jump in business activity in Scotland.

June and July have seen strong job creation in Scotland in private sector to deliver new orders and increases sales revenue. The new jobs may also be an indication of faster business growth in future.

16th July 2018 Scotland To Build UKs First Spaceport

Sutherland has been picked as the best place in UK to build the first spaceport to launch rockets vertically to put satellites in orbit. It could become the first destination for UK space tourism.

The UK Space Agency is giving Highlands and Islands Enterprise HIE money towards the development of the first Spaceport in UK. HIE will work closely with a consortium that includes the American aerospace giant Lockheed Martin.

The first launch from Sutherland is expected in the 2020s

Existing airports around the UK are competing to be the home of horizontal launch spaceports. Horizontal launch spaceports will provide aeroplanes that rockets will piggyback upon en route to space.

9th July 2018 Scottish Businesses Recruit At Fastest Rate In June

IHS Markit latest Purchasing Managers Index PMI survey reports Scottish business expansion increases in June at fastest pace since February 2014.

Manufacturing and Services sectors in Scotland performed very well in June and this was boosting recruitment in Scotland.

11th June 2018 Foreign Investment In Scotland At 10 Year High

According to EYs latest Attractiveness Survey Foreign Direct Investment FDI in Scotland investment in Scotland this year has had a boost. A big part of overseas investment in Scotland is in the oil and gas industry. Reports of the demise of Scotlands oil and gas industry seem premature in the light of this news!

Equinors Mariner Project near Shetland is estimated to offer the chance of 250 million barrels of oil if it comes online

Despite Brexit the UK is still the place most overseas investors want to invest their money compared to rest of Europe.

28th February 2018 New Scottish State Owned Bank

A new state owned Scottish public investment bank aims to raise £2 billion according to the Scottish government. The new bank will focus resources on small and medium-sized businesses and projects needing long-term funding.

25th January 2018 Scotland Unemployment Rate Lower Than UK Rate

Scotland recorded a lower unemployment rate than the UK as a whole according to the Office for National Statistics ONS. The unemployment remained at 4 percent for Scotland whereas the UK as a whole it was 4.3 percent in the three months to November 2017.

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