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28th February 2018 – New Scottish State-Owned Bank

A new state-owned Scottish public investment bank aims to raise £2 billion according to the Scottish government.   The new bank will focus resources on small and medium-sized businesses and projects needing long-term funding.

25th January 2018 – Scotland Unemployment Rate Lower Than UK Rate

Scotland recorded a lower unemployment rate than the UK as a whole according to the Office for National Statistics ONS.   The unemployment remained at 4 percent for Scotland whereas the UK as a whole it was 4.3 percent in the three months to November 2017.

17th January 2018 – Scottish Economy Only Grew 0.2 Percent 3rd Quarter 2017

According to the Scottish Government’s latest GDP figures, the Scottish economy is performing poorly compared to the rest of the UK and rest of Europe.

The Scottish economy is currently growing at only 0.6 percent year-on-year.   The UK economy is growing at 1.7 percent.

14th December 2017 – Unemployment In Scotland Falls

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) has reported that in the last 12 months unemployment in Scotland has fallen by 32,000.   Figures for those in employment shows that there are 59,000 more people in work in Scotland than a year ago.

18th February 2017 – Shetlands independence from UK and Scotland bubbles to surface again

The constant talk of potential second independence vote for Scotland from rest of UK, raises Shetland islander thoughts of their own special independence vote.

With the rights to oil and fisheries, the Shetland Islands perhaps have a better case for independence than most small, or even larger, communities.

10th February 2017 – Solutions for youth employment Scotland

Unemployment rate (16+) Seasonally Adjusted in January was 5.1% (higher than the UK overall).   Youth unemployment (for those not in full time education 16-24) ranges from around 10% to 20% across Scotland.   This is a huge waste of Scotland’s most valuable resource.

A Channel 5 show “The Big Benefits Handout” gave some people on benefits their whole year’s benefit (£26k) in one go.   One couple have built a successful party business from the “investment” in people on benefits.

Students in England have to contribute at least £9,000 a year to their university education.   Scottish university students don’t.   Scottish university students therefore get at least £9,000 x 3 years from Scottish government to educate themselves over at least 3 years.

Why doesn’t the Scottish government give all unemployed Scottish 16-24 year olds £27,000 who haven’t been to university – in one lump sum – to start up their own business.   The unemployed youth of Scotland could also access a business mentor or business coach to help them make their new business a success over a 3-year period.   The money could be held in a fund like the fund set up for Scottish youth training, which is drawn down after being signed-off by a business mentor.

Many Scottish university students will waste their free university education.   Many Scottish university students will leave Scotland to find jobs in England or overseas and never return and the minimum of £27,000 invested in them by the Scottish government will have been wasted.

Do you trust young people to build a stronger better Scotland?

What is the biggest route out of poverty in Scotland?   Is it really education, or is it getting the chance to improve yourself.

What can the Scottish government do to increase social mobility?   Why should the Scottish middle-class have free Scottish governmental support for their children, whereas the poor families in Scotland get very little support to build a better life for themselves than their parents may have had?

Hundreds, perhaps thousands, of new businesses would be created by the youth of Scotland, if this initiative was adopted by the Scottish government.   If a small proportion of these start-up businesses grew into medium or large businesses, the investment in the youth of Scotland in this way may bring a better return.

Would Scotland be more prosperous if the Scottish government gave £27,000 to every young Scottish person who doesn’t go to university to set up their own new business? 

  • The cost of benefits paid to young people in Scotland would reduce.
  • The money invested in the young people would go into local communities across the breadth of Scotland
  • Successful businesses would employ more people
  • New young business leaders
  • would more than likely stay in Scotland and not take investment overseas
  • Young people would get the choice of a university education or support to start a business in Scotland

Youth unemployment has fallen in Scotland in recent years, but too many cannot see a brighter future for themselves.

A fairer Scottish society should include a fairer opportunity to a better life in Scotland for young people that could be better for all ages of people living and working in Scotland.

7th February 2017 – Whitefish return to Scottish waters

The “Trends in Scottish Fish Stocks 2016” report, produced by the NAFC Marine Centre UHI in Shetland, says that most whitefish stocks have increased in Scottish waters since the mid-2000s whilst the Scottish fishing fleet has reduced in size.

In the event of clean break Brexit, the UK would regain control over a 200-mile Exclusion Economic Zone (EEZ).   Such “control over our borders” rights would be negotiated at the pearl of UK politicians.

26th January 2017 – Its your round Johnnie!

Johnnie Walker gives Diageo a little livener of nearly half a billion pounds.   Diageo, which owns Johnnie Walker brand, has increased operating profit from Johnnie Walker drinks by £460 million just because the value of the pound has fallen against other currencies since Brexit vote in June 2016.   Money for nothing – I’ll drink to that big man!

Countries like India load extortionate tariffs on whisky imports.   Imagine how much more whisky Scotland could sell if it had a free trade agreement with India.

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